What is solipsistic NATION?

So very glad you asked!

solipsistic NATION is a weekly one hour program that features the best of all genres of electronic music. Regular segments include concerts, label showcases, documentaries and interviews with filmmakers, festival organizers, app developers and other people make up the electronic music community.

If NPR produced a show about electronic music I would imagine it would sound a lot like solipsistic NATION.

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These are currently the most downloaded editions of solipsistic NATION.

  1. solipsistic NATION No. 297: CRL Studios (393,957)
  2. solipsistic NATION No. 307: The Code to My Heart (258,172)
  3. solipsistic NATION No. 294: …And Darkness Came (Slight Return) (190,621)
  4. solipsistic NATION No. 285: Song of the Day (156,697)
  5. solipsistic NATION No. 293: Michael Maricle, Live (146,809)
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