solipsistic NATION No. 255: David Starfire


Today’s show went out late. By listener request I was planning to showcase the Moment Sound record label, but due to scheduling conflicts and a blackout that took out half of the west coast, I was left in the lurch without a show. By happy coincidence, David Starfire was already putting together a mix for an upcoming edition of solipsistic NATION. Presto! Instant show! A little... Read More

solipsistic NATION No. 240: blueOrb


Today on solipsistic NATION we’re going to bring in the Rapture with a mix put together for us by Praketh, who is also the host of the blueOrb podcast. Praketh has only released a handful of shows on blueOrb but when he does, well, they’re just breath taking! I first came across Praketh’s blueOrb podcast back in 2006 when he released his Down The Rabbit Hole (Electronic... Read More

solipsistic NATION No. 238: Matta, Live

Matta, Live

Looks like we picked up a lot of new listeners thanks to last week’s show featuring Karsh Kale, Tim Sköld, Ogre and Hoodoo Engine. If that’s you, welcome aboard! The first weekend of each and every month I feature a live performance with a quick interview with the artist. Recent shows have included concerts from Igorrr, :papercutz and Atari Teenage Riot. On today’s... Read More

solipsistic NATION No. 213: Magicore

Today’s show featuring music selected by the rad lads from the Magicore music blog is so much fun! For the last year or so I’ve been friends with [tlr] on Twitter. [tlr] has always had great things to say and posted links to some wonderful links. A lot of links happened to be from his Magicore blog so I subscribed to his feed and was richly rewarded. What is Magicore?... Read More

solipsistic NATION No. 189: DSM-IV-TR

Back in the day blogs were considered pretty exotic. They covered everything from knitting to Star Wars and were more often than not very, very personal. A decade or so later and blogs are still pretty personal but they’re not longer quite so exotic. Seems like everyone has a blog these days and everyone reads blogs. I myself follow 40+ blogs. Some blogs are by my friends... Read More

solipsistic NATION No. 182: EshOne

It’s been a long week for me here at solipsistic NATION. Last weekend I got hit with some sort of bug that had me bedridden for a couple of days. I’ve spent the rest of this week digging myself out from under a pile of work that accumulated while I was down. Recording the voice overs for today’s show while sick was not a lot of fun either. But you don’t need... Read More

solipsistic NATION No. 177: Ingo Vogelmann

It’s been a cold, windy, rainy week here in Southern California. I’m not complaining because we typically have weather of 72 degrees and clear skies for most of the year so one month of rain is a pretty decent trade off for living in a place that is otherwise a paradise. I’m actually happy about the rain we’ve been having because our guest DJ this week is... Read More

solipsistic NATION No. 176: Intoxication

On today’s show we’ve got a fantastic mix from the mighty Riley Warren. Riley is a DJ and a producer and is the founder of Zero Digital. Riley is a fellow San Diegan who I met through Twitter (you can follow her on Twitter at I love Twitter. I know that in a few years we’ll look back on Twitter the same way we think of, say, Yahoo’s... Read More

solipsistic NATION No. 169: Pixicast

The music on today’s show comes to us by our guest DJ, Marie Craven, know to many as Pixieguts. Pixieguts is a member of the bands Cwtch and PIXSID. She is also the founder of the Palace Network and co-produces the Pixicast with Dave Almgren, also know as Voide. Pixicast is a show that focuses entirely on music that comes from indie and netlabels. Pixieguts was also kind enough... Read More

solipsistic NATION No. 158: Exquisite Corpse III

Today on solipsistic NATION I have got a sweet Exquisite Corpse mix for your ears! This is actually the third Exquisite Corpse mix on solipsistic NATION but even so, I feel I need to tell you what an Exquisite Corpse mix is. You actually might have played a version of Exquisite Corpse as a child. Here’s how it works: someone hands you a piece of paper and you have to draw... Read More