solipsistic NATION No. 110: Dubmatix, Live

Dubmatix, LiveOn today’s show I’m going to follow up on last week’s all dub set by playing live tracks from Dubmatix and talk to the man behind Dubmatix, Jesse King.

Dub is a tricky genre. While the basic elements of dub are understood, but it’s difficult to do good dub well. I’ve wasted hours that must surely equal to weeks of sifting through some truly uninspired dub to find the true gems. The sort of stuff that’s flat, unimaginative and, worse, ungroovable. And Dubmatix’s Jesse makes some great dub.

Dubmatix has charted both in Canada and internationally and tours domestically and abroad. Jess has also collaborated with reggae greats like Sugar Minott, Michael Rose and Alton Ellis.

I’ve been a fan of Dubmatix since first playing “War, Peace & Dub” on one of dub sets. When I recently realized for all the live shows on solipsistic NATION and with all the different genres of electronic music those shows offered I hadn’t gotten around to featuring dub. I immediately thought of Jesse and asked him if he’d come on solipsistic NATION and share some music from some of Dubmatix concerts.

Oh, and I have a retraction from Bruno Natal, the director of the Dub Echoes documentary, who was my guest on last week’s show. When Bruno was talking about Joe Gibbs he really meant Errol Thompson.

  1. Dubmatix feat. Kulcha Ites “Burn Out The Rich”
  2. Dubmatix Soundsystem “My Selecta”
  3. Interview with Jesse King of Dubmatix
  4. Dubmatix Soundsystem “War, Peace & Dub”
  5. Dubmatix Soundsystem “Sensi”
  6. Dubmatix Soundsystem “Dub Phanatique”
  7. Interview with Jesse King of Dubmatix
  8. Dubmatix “Soul Dread Dub”
  9. Dubmatix Soundsystem “Pirate Dub”
  10. Interview with Jesse King of Dubmatix
  11. Dubmatix & Howie Smart “Heavy Living”
  12. Dubmatix feat. Treson “Praise Jah”
  13. Dubmatix Soundsystem feat. Ranking Joe “Tornado”
  14. Dubmatix Soundsystem “Jump & Twist”
  15. Dubmatix Soundsystem “Champion Sound”
  16. Interview with Jesse King of Dubmatix

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Dubmatix @ Diversity Festival 2008

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