solipsistic NATION No. 119: D.D.T., Live

D.D.T., LiveD.D.T. was a hardcore aggro-industrial electronic act that was together in Boston from the late 1980′s until the mid 1990′s. Noel McKenna did drum programming and vocals, Lisa Sirois did samples and some vocals, and Elaine Walker (who joined in late 1991) did synth programming. Elaine joined D.D.T. at the same time she was forming ZIA. The first ZIA lineup consisted of Noel McKenna and Lisa Sirois of D.D.T. Where are they now? Noel is now a Buddhist Monk in upstate New York and Lisa is “DJ Goldilox” in San Francisco.

Today’s live performance features industrial band, D.D.T.

Ever since I started I started this segment I’ve been looking forward to this particular show. In fact, I wanted to play D.D.T.’s performance immediatley but I wanted to hold off until October, since that seemed the appropriate time of year to put out this episode.

First, let me give you a little history.

Waaaaaay back in the 80s I was dating a girl by the name of Arni. One of her friends was named Noel McKenna and a few years later he had started an industrial act called D.D.T. Since I featured live bands on my show I invited Noel and his partner in crime, Goldilox, to come to the station and play.

At the time my soundman was an action figure of a man named Harry Wallace. I could fill up several shows with stories about his crazy life but I’ll save that for another time. The best way I can some up Harry is that he should have had the world “Go!” tattooed on his forehad in capital letters.

Anyway… Harry really, really dug the band and when they asked him to do sound for their live shows he went at it like he did every thing in life, with both guns blazing!

About a year later Elaine Walker joined D.D.T. and I think she really fleshed out the band with her microtonal influence. They came back to the station in November of 1991 and played another set, which is the recording you’re going to hear on today’s show.

Noel is currently on retreat as a Buddhist monk, Goldilocks is helping run Sleevin Records and on the road, and Elaine is brewing trouble with her band Zia and I had the pleasure of having them on solipsistic NATION back in May.

  1. D.D.T. “Live on WMFO 91.5 FM”

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