solipsistic NATION No. 12: The Agriculture

The AgricultureAbout six months ago I interviewed James Healy of The Agriculture Records on the small WORLD podcast. The Agriculture puts out mind blowing music by artists who are influenced by many different genres, which makes their own songs genre defying. House, garage, dance hall, dub, hip hop, minimalist electronic music, etc…it’s all grist for The Agriculture’s mill.

When I began solipsistic NATION there were a number of music labels that I knew that I wanted to feature on the show. Given solipsistic NATION‘s motto of playing the very “best of all genres of electronic music,” The Agriculture was a natural fit.

  1. The Agriculture Interview
  2. Qpe “Devil May Care”
  3. David Last “Cat-Silver”
  4. DJ Olive “Sub Bass Commandante”
  5. DJ Wally “I Know There’s Something Going On”
  6. Ladyman “Poppy God”
  7. Lloop “Bulbbs4″
  8. Lunchbox “Brown Bag”
  9. Nettle “Duende”
  10. Nnnj “Goop Scoop”
  11. Once11 “A Long Beard On A Throne”
  12. Sub Dub “Dawa Zangpo”
  13. DJ Olive “Round Fire Strut”
  14. Ladyman “Infomercia”
  15. Nnnj “What’s The Weather Like Today?”
  16. Once11 “99% Sure”
  17. Sub Dub “Vision Quest 2″

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  • jason

    hey joe –

    was very happy to see this one posted today. hearing all these songs back to back just confirms that the agriculture is one of the best labels on the planet. consistently good releases. thanks for this one – fantastic show.

  • solipsisticnation


    I had a feeling I’d hear form you when I posted this show :-)

    There are plenty of labels I plan to feature on solipsistic NATION but like I said, The Agriculture seemd most appropriate on the show.

    By the way, I’m currently working on a documentary on the illbient scene that I know you’ll dig!

    Bazooka Joe

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