solipsistic NATION No. 123: Amon Tobin Live

Amon Tobin, LiveA lot of people got MP3 players like iPods, iPhones and Zunes as gifts for the holidays and have been downloading podcasts to put on their new toys. If that happens to be you then you’re in for a treat. Today’s show is beat master and sonic soundsmith, Amon Tobin.

Amon has recorded some incredible albums such as Bricolage, Permutation and Supermodified. Even his earlier releases that he recorded under the name Cujo sound as fresh today as they did in 1996. His most recent release is Foley Room, and once again Amon pushed himself to explore the possibilities of sound and music.

If you’re unfamiliar with Amon I encourage you to download the March 21st, 2008 edition of solipsistic NATION. That show feature an interview with Amon Tobin about his musical career and a retrospective mix of select tracks from his albums.

Once a month on solipsistic NATION I feature a live performance of electronic music and on this week’s live set comes to from Amon Tobin, recorded in Brussels for his Foley Room tour.

If you’d like to hear Amon’s concert without the interview, you can download his Foley Room Recorded Live In Brussels here.

  1. Amon Tobin “Into The Dark”
  2. Amon Tobin “Horsefish Live Mix”
  3. Cardiacs “The Alphabet Business Concern (Home Of Fadeless Splendor)”
  4. Two Fingers “Two Fingers (White Label)”
  5. Spank Rock “Bump Switch Rmx”
  6. Two Fingers “Two Fingers (White Label)”
  7. Amon Tobin “Esthers”
  8. Amon Tobin “Throwback Intro To SS Live 1″
  9. Zilla / King Cannibal “Aragami Style”
  10. Kelis “Aww Shit”
  11. Two Fingers “Two Fingers (White Label)”
  12. Amon Tobin “Kitchen Sink Live Mix”
  13. Amon Tobin “Big Furry Head”
  14. Tech Itch “Know”
  15. Amon Tobin “Verbal ACC”
  16. Two Fingers “Two Fingers (White Label)”
  17. Boxcutter “Grub”
  18. Autechre “Doctrine”
  19. Amon Tobin “Foley Room”
  20. Amon Tobin “White Label”
  21. Dom N Roland “Ritual”
  22. Amon Tobin / Noisia “Tobin/Noisia Collab Work In Progress (White Label)”
  23. Konflict “Messiah (Noisia Rmx)”
  24. Spank Rock “Get On The Floor (Disco D)”
  25. Nice Nice “Uh-Oh”
  26. Amon Tobin “Straight Psyche”
  27. Autechre “Second Bad Vibel”
  28. Noisia “B.R.E.E.Z.E.”
  29. Noisia “Concussion”
  30. Kriptic Minds And Leon Switch “No Remorse”
  31. Amon Tobin “Keep Your Distance”

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