solipsistic NATION No. 135: Lokua, Live

Lokua, LiveWhen I first began featuring live sets on solipsistic NATION I thought it would be a once and a while sort of thing. Kind of a treat, really. But as solipsistic NATION progressed it became a monthly segment on the show. Even so, getting live sets on solipsistic NATION is a challenge and more than once I’ve had to scramble to get material for the show so my resolution for 2009 is to plan the live sets well in advance.

The live sets you can expect on solipsistic NATION will come from Milieu, Iambic, ill.gates, Exillon, Rena Jones, and, hopefully, The Orb.

This month we have not one but two live sets from Lokua.

The first live set was performed at the Morseland restaurant in Chicago on March 25th. The second live set was also recorded at the Morseland restaurant on March 18th.

Lokua is Joshua Keckner and is based out of Chicago. Lokua’s music is rooted in hip hop and has an ambient and atmospheric feel to his music. Lokua has a back catalog of tracks hovering in the thousands and you can download his netrelease Trails album at Moment Sound, a netlabel that is maintained and curated by a select musicians from Chicago.

On this week’s show I’ll also announce the winners of Gary Bredow‘s documentary, High Tech Soul DVD, Paul Sizer‘s graphic novel, BPM; and Terrance Dean‘s autobiography, Hiding in Hip Hop from last week’s giveaway contest.

  1. Lokua “Live @ Morseland (03-25-09)
  2. Lokua “Live @ Morseland (03-18-09)
  3. Interview with Lokua
  4. Lokua “Thanks Rainbow”
  5. Lokua “C Modified”

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