solipsistic NATION No. 169: Pixicast

PixicastThe music on today’s show comes to us by our guest DJ, Marie Craven, know to many as Pixieguts. Pixieguts is a member of the bands Cwtch and PIXSID. She is also the founder of the Palace Network and co-produces the Pixicast with Dave Almgren, also know as Voide. Pixicast is a show that focuses entirely on music that comes from indie and netlabels.

Pixieguts was also kind enough to provide the show notes for today’s show.

GreenGender‘s track, “Recondite Loss” is full of delicate emotion, irony, political comment and simply good to hear.

Dementio13 has been making electronic music since the 1980s and “Disappeared (The Ballad Of Milton Friedman)” is from his 2009 EP release, The Ballad of Milton Friedman. The range of Dementio13′s music mixes up and travels around various genres like post-rock, ambient, drum and bass, trip-hop, idm and alternative.

I’ve chosen Humeka‘s “The Sound” because I just particularly love this one. It’s from the Discuss album which is available for free download from many sites like Internet Archive and Jamendo.

HipGnosis‘ “Underground Looms” is a deep instrumental, abstract, experimental, glitch-hop track and also has occult influences in his music including the conscious deployment of binaural sounds.

Ugress ( which means “weed” in Norwegian) is in Bergen, Norway and is sensationally eclectic and prolific electronic artist who has a number of side projects in various styles and genres as well as the main Ugress act. There’s a strong popular culture influence in his music and a fair bit of quotational genre references in it.

Crimson Death is a music project that Pixieguts frequently collaborates with. Crimson Death often has a death metal and goth influence in his music and he performs live as a black metal/drum and bass DJ (maybe the only artist doing this particular combo).

Gurdonark is Robert Nunnally and hails from Texas. Robert mixes experimental, ambient and minimal music and is a Creative Commons champion and all his music is available for free.

Reconsiderate is a really unusual rapper from Wisconsin. His lyrics tend to reflect a kind of 21st white guy angst expressed with a great deal of unique wit and verve and his music has a raw experimental edge unusual melodic qualities.

SK123‘s “Ankylosing Spondylitis” is a track from the 2008 album, Skizm, and is one I play over and over. I love it and so much more of SK123′s music. SK123 plays exquisite and energetic minimal music, a kind of music you’d call minimal techno if that genre term hadn’t come to be so associated so strongly with club dance music (which is often not all that minimal really).

The Incognito Traveller is an incognito artist who is listed on the label page as ‘unidentified.’ “Marguerite” is currently the top track in the large ‘Pixies Palace‘ group tag radio at (for which over 5000 artist, albums and tracks have been tagged to date).

  1. GreenGender “Recondite Loss” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  2. Dementio13 “Disappeared (The Ballad Of Milton Friedman)” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  3. Interview with Pixieguts, co-producer of Pixicast
  4. Humeka “The Sound” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  5. HipGnosis “Underground Looms”
  6. Ugress “Robot Army” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  7. Crimson Death “Koka Kola”
  8. Gurdonark “Hope” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  9. Reconsiderate “Hey, Thanks!” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  10. SK123 “Ankylosing Spondylitis” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  11. The Incognito Traveller “Marguerite” [FREE DOWNLOAD]

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