solipsistic NATION No. 170: King Cannibal, Live

King Cannibal, LiveI’ve been a fan of King Cannibal since his So… Embrace The Minimum EP and became an even bigger fan when his Let the Night Roar rocked my world. You can imagine my excitement when Dylan Richards (AKA King Cannibal) was kind enough to share his live set from the Glade Festival with me!

It was also a pleasure to talk with Dylan and learn how he rocks a live set from his laptop and what performing at the Glade Festival was like. I was also intrigued how Dylan is able to so deftly shift between dancehall inspired jams to super heavy, menacing dubstep or what his approach is to remixing everyone from The Prodigy to Scorn.

I’m really happy with the live sets that have been featured on solipsistic NATION. Not only has King Cannibal been on solipsistic NATION but in recent shows have included live sets from Ezekiel Honig, Eskmo and KiloWatts. Future shows will include live sets from Somatic Responses. Mad EP, Terminal 11 and Ill.Gates!

Photo Credit: Benedetta Sodini

  1. King Cannibal “Live (Overkill, Glade Festival)”
  2. Interview with King Cannibal

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King Cannibal @ Tauron Nowa Muzyka 2009, Katowice

King Cannibal – So… Embrace The Minimum (Live)

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