solipsistic NATION No. 171: PublicSpaces Lab

Public Spaces LabOnce a month on solipsistic NATION I showcase a music label that is putting out amazing releases that you need to know about. Today on solipsistic NATION we’ll listen to music from the excellent PublicSpaces Lab netlabel.

There are netlabels for nearly every genre of music but I suspect electronic music dominates the field of netlabels. Monotonik, after all, is one of the oldest netlabels in existence. Besides, electronic music and netlabels go together like tubes and toothpase. It’s a natural fit.

A few months back I had Fernando Fonseca on the show to cover the 2009 Net Audio Festival in Berlin. Fernando is also the co-founder of PublicSpaces Lab and I invited him to come back on solipsistic NATION to share music from PublicSpaces Lab and talk about his netlabel and the state if the industry.

If you enjoy today’s show then you’ll also enjoy my all-netlabel show that featured Axel Barcelo of Discos Konfort, Sebastian Redenz of Thinner and Simon Carless of Monotonik. You’ll also enjoy Travis Nobles‘, host of the hiddenplace music blog, netlabel mixes part 1 and 2. More recently, I had Marie Craven (AKA Pixieguts), the co-producer of the Pixicast, on the show with a mix of electronic music she loves from various netlabels.

Join us again next week for yet another Twitter mix!

  1. Torsion “Sundrops on the Ocean (Original Piano Mix)” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  2. Interview with Fernando Fonseca of PublicSpaces Lab
  3. Torsion “Sundrops on the Ocean” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  4. QuarterBit “Kyoto Protocol Letter Count” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  5. Heliofante “Voyageur Heliophantique (Joint release with Gorríon de Miga)” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  6. Torsion “Sunrise (previously unreleased track to be included on a upcoming compilation)”
  7. Esfera “Fedora (Joint release with Gorríon de Miga netlabel)” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  8. ambienteer “Liquid” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  9. Interview with Fernando Fonseca of PublicSpaces Lab
  10. Swaying Smoke “Tunnels II” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  11. Sómio “San Feliz” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  12. Julien Mier “The Nomad Carried Her Home” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  13. Loser “Núr” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  14. QuarterBit “Sub Existir (previously unreleased, to be included on QuarterBit’s next EP)”
  15. Interview with Fernando Fonseca of PublicSpaces Lab
  16. Torsion “T Minus 12V” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  17. Dustmotes “Annica” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  18. Kieron James “Cosecha Original Sound Mixed with QuarterBit – Sub existir” [FREE DOWNLOAD]

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