solipsistic NATION No. 177: Ingo Vogelmann

Ingo VogelmannIt’s been a cold, windy, rainy week here in Southern California. I’m not complaining because we typically have weather of 72 degrees and clear skies for most of the year so one month of rain is a pretty decent trade off for living in a place that is otherwise a paradise.

I’m actually happy about the rain we’ve been having because our guest DJ this week is Ingo Vogelmann and the mix he put together for today’s show complements the weather here in Southern California. Ingo’s mix is moody and reflective. Like I said, it goes perfect with rainy weather.

You might know the name Vogelmann. Ingo is a very popular DJ and producer with many followers. If you’re a frequent listener of friskyRadio then you’ve no doubt heard him spinning progressive and ambient sets. Ingo is also a resident DJ for at Rheingold, Düsseldorf (Germany), PrivateMonkey in Düsseldorf and at Club 3Klang in Essen (Germany).

Join us next week when we’ll talk with Steve Nalepa and hear music from FuzZ, St. Andrew and Virtual Boy who are students from Steve’s Music Technology class.

  1. Mika Denn “Virginia (S. Mayer Remix)”
  2. Interview with Ingo Vogelmann
  3. Ashley Wallbridge “Solidaritet”
  4. Neoplastik “Physical Reaction (Kaanturker Remix)”
  5. Saul B “Show Me How (Luke Porter Remix)”
  6. Interview with Ingo Vogelmann
  7. Nero “Spinal Coda”
  8. Vogelmann “Telescopia”
  9. Wael B “Bleeding Out”
  10. Alan Fitzpatrick “Reflections (Petar Dundov Remix)”
  11. Edu “Cold Glance”
  12. Interview with Ingo Vogelmann
  13. Graziano Ruan “Sweatming”
  14. Derek Howell “Weightless (Luke Porter Remix)”
  15. Interview with Ingo Vogelmann

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