solipsistic NATION No. 181: Hecq

HecqFebruary has been a great month here on solipsistic NATION. So far we’ve had Alex Paterson on the show with a live set from The Orb, which was epic!

Last week Kristian Peters came on the show and we played select tracks from his label, Sending Orbs.

Next week EshOne will come on solipsistic NATION to talk about San Diego Dubstep and play a mix that’s guaranteed to make your sub woofer throb.

And then we have today’s show.

Our guest is Ben Lukas Boysen who records and performs under the name Hecq.

How to describe Ben’s music?

We’ll you’ll hear for yourself on today’s show. But let me quote HC from his Headphone Commute blog. He describes Ben’s music this way:

“Twisted rhythms swirling around your brain like an inhaled sip of wine and a gulped breath of smoke. Divine soundscapes crawling beneath the barbed wire of the restraining acoustic prison, begging to rather be shot in the back then remain draining their minimalism onto the cold surface of tears and blood.”

Ben has put together a mix for us that is equal parts spine tingling and mind blowing and he joins us today from Berlin.

Photo Credit: Liis Roden

  1. Hecq “Spires Awake”
  2. Interview with Ben Lukas Boysen of Hecq
  3. Hecq “Mercury” (Unreleased)
  4. Frank Bretnschneider “Polaris (Hecq Remix)”
  5. Hecq “Bad Karma”
  6. Hecq “I Am You”
  7. Hecq “Hole In The Sky” (Unreleased)
  8. Hecq “Sleep through The Day”
  9. Hecq “Dis”
  10. Hecq “Dis”
  11. Broken Note “Dub Version (Hecq Remix)”
  12. Interview with Ben Lukas Boysen of Hecq
  13. Kid 606 “Holiday (Hecq Remix)”
  14. Hecq “Tiamat (Unreleased)”
  15. Buckfunk3000 “Jump (Hecq Remix)”
  16. Hecq VS Exillon “Spheres Of Fury (Techdiff Remix)”
  17. Si Begg “Are You A Big Boy DJ? (Hecq Remix)”
  18. Hecq “Coldfire (Live At Maschinenfest 2009)”
  19. Milipede “Deepest Peace (Disturbed as Hecq Remix)”
  20. Ben Lukas Boysen “MDI03″
  21. Hecq “Night Falls”
  22. Interview with Ben Lukas Boysen of Hecq

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