solipsistic NATION No. 190: Random

RandomToday’s pretty unusual for solipsistic NATION because I’m playing songs that came up on my iPhone while on shuffle.

I’m only going to do this once because I’m pretty anal retentive on how I put the shows together. Behind the scenes I lovingly and painstakingly craft the mixes you hear. To just let my iPhone randomly choose the tracks unnerves me. Oh, sure, I’ve gotten ideas for shows while listening on shuffle but sometimes my iPhone will play terrible tracks. Or great tracks that would sound terrible together in a mix. But I’ve decided to throw caution to the wind and just see what happens.

It’s kind of exciting because today’s show is just as much a surprise for me as it will be for you!

The other thing that’s different about today’s show is that I decided that as long as I’m going to let my iPhone pick the songs I might as well as record the solipsistic NATION IDs on my iPhone too. And if I’m going to record the IDs on my iPhone then why not record the IDs in various spots in San Diego and take photos of those locations with my iPhone? You can see the photos below.

One spot I recorded an ID is at the Krakatoa Cafe. The Krakatoa Cafe is in my neighborhood and I’ve met several of the guests that have appeared on solipsistic NATION at Krakatoa such as Riley Warren and Stuntdouble. I also recorded an ID on my roof deck where I often relax when I convert editions of solipsistic NATION to MP3. One ID was recorded at Luigi’s Pizzeria. I’m more of a Chicago deep dish guy but I have to admit that Luigi’s New York style pizza is pretty dope. Finally, I recorded an ID at the Cuban Cigar Factory because I was trying to find a Perdomo Lot 23 Churchill Natural at Cameron Reilly‘s, host of the G’day World podcast, recommendation. No luck finding the cigar, though.

That’s the show. Hope you like it despite the unevenness of the mix but, hey, that’s what happens when you allow randomness into your life.

Join us again next week for a special live set from Mad EP!

  1. Raskolnikov’s Dream “Navarinou Dogs”
  2. Ninjasonik “My Kids Cant Eat No Fame”
  3. Left Spine Down “Welcome to the Future”
  4. The Qemists “Your Revolution (Reso Remix)”
  5. Ron Contour & Factor “I Only Know”
  6. The Juan Maclean “Happy House (Will Saul & Mike Monday Remix)”
  7. Mesmer “Whenever You Want Me (Line of Sight Remix)”
  8. Le Le “Breakfast (Mercury Remix)”
  9. Mesmer “Whenever You Want Me (Great Scott Remix)”
  10. Julian Jeweil “Soda”

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