solipsistic NATION No. 193: iPads, iPhones & iPods

iPads, iPhones & iPodsOn today’s show we’ll talk with artists who are creating music with Apple’s iPads, iPhones and the iPod Touch. We’ll find out why they are using these devices to make music and what are the challenges and limitations of those devices.

So why do a who featuring music created with iPads, iPhones and the iPod Touch?

I think the answer is pretty simple. There are a lot of different smart phones and MP3 players but Apple is the company that got it right. These devices are incredibly powerful but easy and intuitive to use and developers have created some wonderful applications for them. And those apps are often equally easy and intuitive to use. And that means there are a lot of people walking around with these little handheld computers with the capability to create music and that’s a wonderful thing.

Apple’s iPad is not the first tablet device to hit the market but it is the first successful tablet. Wildly successful, in fact. And once again developers are coming up with some wonderful apps.

And the iPad is one of the reasons I wanted to do today’s show because a lot of people are claiming that it’s ust a media consumption device or that it’s just a big iPhone. As today’s show proves the iPad is also a media creation device and it clearly not just a big iPhone.

Our guests will be Rana June, Jared DiDomenico and Brad Naprixas from Nuclear O’Reilly, Brian Roberts of Doctor Popular, Marshall Law and Speak Onion‘s Dan Abatemarco.

Rana June is Rana Sobhany and is the author of Mobilize! Marketing Mobile Content in an iPhone and iPad Era and is the world’s first iPad DJ. Nuclear O’Reilly released Phoning It In, the world’s first iPhone album. Doctor Popular is currently working on an album that utilizes the iPhone called Beeps and Smudges. William Marshall uses the iPhone as a DJ tool and Dan Abatemarco of Speak Onion uses the iPhone to bludgeon his audiences in his live sets.

I’ve got a lot of apps you can win on today’s show for your ipad, iPhone or iPod Touch so email me at or Tweet me at for your chance to win!

I’d like to thank the folks at Sound Trends LLC, Intua, Nanoloop, Smule and IK Multimedia for their generosity for letting me give away their fine apps on today’s show.

See you next week for a special live set from Terminal 11, Forensics and ill.gates!

  1. Rana June “Destroy the Silence, Volume 1″ [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  2. Interview with Rana June
  3. Nuclear O’Reilly “Leeks” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  4. Nuclear O’Reilly “Two Flumes” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  5. Interview with Brad Naprixas and Jared DiDomenico of Nuclear O’Reilly
  6. Doctor Popular “Bedbugs (featuring ytCracker)”
  7. Doctor Popular “Last Gasp Through Bended Straw”
  8. Interview with Doctor Popular
  9. Marshall Law “House Mix”
  10. Interview with Marshall Law
  11. Speak Onion “Brecht Forum (January 10, 2009)” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  12. Interview with Speak Onion

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