solipsistic NATION No. 197: Tangled Up CPU

Tangled Up CPUOn today’s show I’m going to play bitpop and chiptune covers of your favorite songs!

When I first came up with the idea for today’s show I thought it would be cute and played for giggles. But when I sat down and really listened to the music I realized that these bitpop and chiptune covers stripped the originals down to their essence. And these tracks still stand up. They’re classics for a reason.

But the tracks on today’s show don’t sound great just because they’re covers of great songs, they also sound great because it took a lot of ingenuity of working within the constraints of chiptunes and bitpop to make these songs shine.

By the way, nearly all the tracks on today’s show came from the 8 Bit Collective website.

8bitcollective is the first completely open chiptune-related media repository and file sharing community. To learn more or to download more great music go to

You can learn more about Chiptunes by listening to my chiptune documentary. Some time soon I’ll be releasing a bitpop documentary so keep your ears open for that.

Join us next week for a special live set from DJ Spooky.

Photo Credit: ©Seth Chenard

  1. 8 Bit Weapon “Tron Scherzo (Sark’s Revenge Mix)” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  2. Minus 5 “Little Fugue in G Minor” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  3. 486 “Martha My Dear” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  4. electrodreams “Where Its At” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  5. BeepBeepLOLZ “Billie Jean” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  6. 8 Bit Ninjas “Push It” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  7. The Listrix “The Model” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  8. Facepalm Represent “Whip It” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  10. facundo “We Got the Beat” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  11. Shonenn “Robot Rock” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  12. Hellostereo “Buddy Holy” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  13. Paza Rahm “Charly (Trip Into Drum and Bass Paza Chip Remix)” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  14. Jellica & Dr Dru “i wld di 4 u” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  15. Unicorn Dream Attack “l00m3r” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  16. Zombectro “Raining Blood” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  17. Joedouken! “Blue Monday” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  18. Expect Delays “Assimilate” [FREE DOWNLOAD]

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