solipsistic NATION No. 199: Jerona Fruits Recordings

Jerona Fruits RecordingsBack in 2006 when I relaunched solipsistic NATION I noticed that drum and bass was going through a resurgence in popular culture. I loved catching DJs at clubs spinning amazing jungle/drum and bass sets so I welcomed the renewed interest in d ‘n’ b.

At the time I was listening to a lot of music from Jerona Fruits Recordings. The music on Jerona Fruits had all the muscular leanness and high end production I loved about drum and bass and non of drum and bass’ sometimes embarrassing bombastic pretensions (although I’m a sucker for bombast when it works). I had the lads from Jerona Fruits on the Small World to talk about their label and play music form some of the artists on their roster.

Drum and bass has never gone away, of course. It’s always been there, seething below the surface, constantly mutating into new hybrids. Now is as good as time as any to check in with Baz, who is one third of Jerona Fruits, to find out what the state of drum and bass is on 2010 and how his label has grown since we last talked.

Baz is our guest DJ on today’s show and he’s got a mix of select tracks of the very best Jerona Fruits has to offer. If you like what you hear, and really, how can you not?, then show Jerona some love buy buying a few tracks from stores like Digital-Tunes and iTunes. As long as you’re at iTunes, you can subscribe to the Jerona Fruits Podcast and hear even more great music from their label!

Next month I’ll showcase music from Crammed Discs and talk to Marc Hollander, the label’s founder.

Join us again next week for the 200th edition of solipsistic NATION! Feel free to leave any comments about the show on my voice mail at 1-619-717-6322 and I’ll be sure to play it on next week’s show.

  1. Sabre “Floating Source”
  2. Madcap “Switch the Lights”
  3. Interview with Baz of Jerona Fruits Recordings
  4. The Burbs “Alone”
  5. Andy Skopes “Africa is Zion”
  6. Mijatoho & Zodiak “Curare”
  7. Greg Packer & MC Asassin “Landslide”
  8. The Burbs “That Sound”
  9. Mijatoho “Shape (Hidden Agenda Rmx)”
  10. Bungle & Ney Faustini “No Routine”
  11. Amaning & Dizplay “Sienna”
  12. Matt Domino “Papercut”
  13. Mijatoho “Jazgal”
  14. The Burbs & Mijatoho feat. Jon Jon “Coming Down”
  15. The Burbs “Anything”
  16. Andy Skopes “Bucktown”
  17. FX909 “Bad Attitude”
  18. Andy Skopes “State of Grace”
  19. Interview with Baz of Jerona Fruits Recordings

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