solipsistic NATION No. 205: Grooved

GroovedI just encoded this week’s show to mp3 (thanks, Blacktree!) and I’m coasting on the dregs of nervous energy. Before this buzz evaporates let me tell you about this week’s show before I crash.

And what a great show it is!

I’m a little late to the party. Greg Harrison‘s Groove came out in 2000 but I only just saw it on Netflix a few months back.

For a while I’ve been thinking about the 90s and the millennium buzz that was building. Things seemed so optimistic but 10 years later, I just can’t seem to muster that same optimism. I don’t know if it’s guarded caution from 9/11 or just a fact of getting older. Was I ever really that idealistic and is it possible to ever feel that way again? Harrison’s Groove put me in touch with the Y2K zeitgeist but also with the smaller, more intimate moments that Douglas Rushkoff is always talking about. Come to think of it, Rushkoff wrote about his take on rave culture and meta culture in his book, Club Zero-G. Groove served as touchstone to how important those connections can be. I’m very happy Greg Harrison came on today’s show to reflect on Groove.

Just as I feel obliged to cover electronic music culture in popular culture like movies like Groove I also feel obliged to promote electronic music festivals. This week we’ll talk with Viola van Alphen and Kythe (Keith? Sorry about the spelling.) about the Gogbot Festival taking place in the Netherlands September 9th-12th. This year’s theme is the technological singularity, which is a meme that’s latched a hold of the my brain since the 90s. I blame that on rave culture!

The second half of today’s show takes place in my fair city of San Diego. My very neighborhood, in fact.

A few weeks back I was kicking back at the Krakatoa Cafe and while I was waiting for my latte to be brewed I came across two flyers for the San Diego DIY New Media Lab and the Fundamentals Progressive Concepts and DJ Academy. I invited San Diego DIY New Media Lab’s Morgan Sully and Fundamentals Progressive Concepts and DJ Academy’s Chase Costello to join us on today’s show to talk about the art and craft of creating and producing music.

And there goes my last bot of energy. Perfect timing! Thanks for reading, thanks for listening. See you next week for a special live set from Enduser!

Photo Credit: ©Darrell Skeels

  1. Boozy & Swan “Champagne Beat Boogie”
  2. Orbital “Halcyon + On + On”
  3. Interview with Greg Harrison, writer/director of Groove
  4. Broken Note “The Fury”
  5. Alva Noto “Garment for A Garment”
  6. Interview with Viola van Alphen and Kythe of the Gogbot Festival
  7. Sickboy “Doofemilius”
  8. Zeller “Galactik Dust”
  9. Interview with Morgan Sully of the San Diego DIY New Media Lab
  10. Master Margherita “Can Not See” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  11. Chris Abrahams “Birds and Wasp”
  12. Interview with Chase Costello of the Fundamentals Progressive Concepts and DJ Academy

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