solipsistic NATION No. 206: Enduser, Live

Enduser, LiveThe first Friday of each month I feature a live set from an electronic artist.

Yes, I know this is a Monday and not a Friday.

solipsistic NATION is a labor of love that keeps me sane but it’s not a paying gig, so real life often gets in the way. Putting food on my table, I’m sad to day, trumps putting music in your ears.

So from time to time solipsistic NATION will go out a week late. And I could have easily pushed today’s show back a week, too, but since this is a holiday in the US I figured that’s all the excuse I needed to release today’s show.

As I mentioned, once a month I feature a live set and this month’s set comes to us from Lynn Standafer. You probably know him as Enduser.

Lynn’s latest album, 1/3, was released by Ad Noiseam and like Ad Noiseam, Lynn’s music is top notch, inventive and always takes you in unexpected directions. Today’s live set from Lynn is a perfect example of what I’m talking about. Lynn kicks things off with iamthesun, a project between him and Casey Beagle and Balazs Pandi and then moves to a project he did with former Swans member Jarboe. We’ll also hear two track from Blood of Heroes, a project that includes Justin K. Broadrick and Bill Laswell. Lynn is a man who is not confined by genre. So we’ve got a lot of great music to look forward to!

Join us again this Friday when we’ll talk with Alexander Synaptic of Ektoplazm and play select tracks from his net label.

Photo Credit: ©Ad Noiseam

  1. Interview with Lynn Standafer of Enduser
  2. iamthesun “Untitled”
  3. Enduser w/ Jarboe “Ode to V (Enduser Remix)”
  4. Enduser “Untitled 1″
  5. Enduser “Untitled 2″
  6. Blood of Heroes “Remain (Unreleased Demo Version)”
  7. Enduser “Untitled 3″
  8. Enduser “Untitled 4″
  9. Enduser “Void”
  10. Enduser “Les Dilution”
  11. Enduser “1/3″
  12. Enduser “Berlin Dub”
  13. Enduser “Death Vest 09″
  14. Enduser “End of A Beginning (Sublight Version)”

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