solipsistic NATION No. 207: Ektoplazm

EktoplazmFrom time to time I’ll ask listeners on Twitter and Facebook which labels I should showcase on solipsistic NATION and time and time again people have demanded that I do a feature on Ektoplazm, a psytrance netlabel. Amazingly enough, this is the first all-psytrance show on solipsistic NATION. In fact, I’ve played next to no psytrance on solipsistic NATION.

The reason is simple. I’m not a fan of psytrance. Just about every psytrance track I’ve heard sounds like every psytrance track I’ve heard. But when I think about it, you could say that about just about every sub genre of electronic music. To people who are not fans of, say, dubstep or drum and bass, it all sounds the same. But if you are a fan then it is very easy to hear the differences.

I’m glad I asked which labels I should showcase because it takes me out of my comfort zone and exposes me to music I would otherwise never listen to and the music from Ektoplazm is very, very good. Alexander, the founder of Ektoplazm, is our guest on today’s show and he’s put together select tracks from his label. Even while working within the framework of psytrance the music on Ektoplazm is distinct, playful and inventive. Listening to Alexander’s mix it’s obvious why psytrance has such longstanding popularity.

If you like what you hear then you’ll be thrilled to know that you can download everything on today’s show for free by clicking the links below of by going to the Ektoplazm website at!

Today’s show has got me thinking: what other genres have I missed out on? I’m certainly not a fan of house or techno but as always, like today’s show, when I hear great music I instantly recognize it and become a fan. So what other genres do you think I need to focus more on on solipsistic NATION? For the matter, what other labels should I showcase? Send me an email and let me know.

Join us gain next when our guest will either be Mad E.P. or Andrew from The Bombay Dub Orchestra!

  1. Magic & Witchcraft “Spiral” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  2. Jikkenteki “Default To Zero” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  3. Interview with Alexander, founder of Ektoplazm
  4. Amygdala “MetaMusic” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  5. Anakoluth “Delphic Haze” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  6. ManMadeMan “Stillness Within” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  7. Interview with Alexander, founder of Ektoplazm
  8. Cenotes (DoHm & P. Tale) “Freaking In The Distance” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  9. Tsabeat “New Technologies” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  10. EvsY “A.M. User” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  11. Ekoplex “Twisted Root” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  12. Phobosphere “Intersection 2060″ [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  13. Interview with Alexander, founder of Ektoplazm
  14. Etnoscope “Might & Magic [Unreleased]“

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