solipsistic NATION No. 208: Mad EP

Mad EPToday’s show was many months in the making!

Mad EP has been on solipsistic NATION several times in the past. Mad EP delivered a live set back in May and was on the show with O’Slick last September. During that time Mad EP and I have talked abut him coming on the show with a mix of his music. In fact, a few months ago he sent me a mix. I was game to play it but then Hecq came on solipsistic NATION with his mix and it occurred to both Mad EP and me that his mix, while great, didn’t convey they full range of musical styles that he is capable of. So it was back to the drawing board.

Things got pushed back even further when Mad EP broke his hand. Mad EP is also a cellist so this must have been horrifying to him. Fortunately, he’s mending just fine but it meant that his mix would have to wait.

I’ve been looking forward to his mix for quite a while but I had to be patient. What was I going to say? “Hey, dude, sorry about your broken hand but walk it off and deliver the damn mix!” So I sat tight. And the wait was well worth it.

Today’s mix features at least 21 tracks that seamlessly weave in and out of each other. When I asked Mad EP for a playlist he just laughed and said it would be impossible. The playlist he did provide told me at the very least which track he did play but not necessarily the sequence in which they appear. Like I said, they weave in and out of each other only to reappear later like a leitmotif. But the mix does give you an idea of the spectrum of music Mad EP creates. As a bonus, a lot of the tracks are unreleased!

I’ve been a fan of Mad EP since the day Nicholas Chevreux from Ad Noiseam records was kind enough to send me a stack of promotional CDs so I’m thrilled to share with you Mad EP’s incredible mix. Hope you enjoy it as much as I have because I’ve been listening to it almost daily since he sent it to me.

Join us next week when our guests will be Sean Horton, the founder of Seattle’s Decibel Festival; Karina van Heck, who has created the Body Speaker that creates music when she moves her body; Leif Inge of 9 Beet Stretch, who has slowed down Beethoven’s 9th Symphony so that it takes 24 hours to listen to from start to finish; and Shamantis, who has slowed down Justin Bieber‘s “U Smile” by 800%. Stay stuned!

  1. Mad EP “Sap/v.1 (Unreleased)”
  2. Interview with Mad EP
  3. Mad EP “Noise 11211 (Unreleased)”
  4. Mad EP “Scab Removal Technique”
  5. Mad EP “Dreme (Unreleased)”
  6. Mad EP “Jackwind (Unreleased)”
  7. Mad EP “Inf-Enj (Unreleased)”
  8. Mad EP “Slack (Unreleased)”
  9. Mad EP “Tonem Sevo Lehs”
  10. Mad EP “51 Areas”
  11. Mad EP “Everything Falls Apart”
  12. Mad EP “Matthew’s Lament (Unreleased)”
  13. Mad EP “Yuido”
  14. Mad EP “Scapegoat Waltz (Unreleased)”
  15. Mad EP “Cosican rmx222 (Unreleased)”
  16. Mad EP “When It Hurts (Unreleased)”
  17. Mad EP “Damb (Unreleased)”
  18. Mad EP “The Way It Is (Unreleased)”
  19. Mad EP “Graveyard Salsa (Unreleased)”
  20. Mad EP “Stepping Amongst Daysteppers”
  21. Mad EP “Crocacyst” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  22. Mad EP “Shades of Grey Remix (Unreleased)”
  23. Mad EP “Iowa City”
  24. Mad EP “S-Cents”
  25. Mad EP “Optigrab (Unreleased)”
  26. Mad EP “Insomniac” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  27. Mad EP “Lilies & Libations”
  28. Mad EP “Drinking Your Tears (Unreleased)”

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