solipsistic NATION No. 211: ZZK Records

ZZK RecordsAs you may or may no know, once a month on solipsistic NATION I showcase a music label that is putting out such amazing releases that I feel compelled to grab you by the ear and play music from their catalogue. I’ve been doing solipsistic NATION for over four years so I’ve managed to feature a good chunk of the music labels I love and while there are plenty of labels I want to tackle I’m starting to see the horizon. I’m only one person and as diverse as my taste and knowledge of music is there is a limit. To keep things fresh I’ll ask folks on Twitter and Facebook which labels I should showcase on future editions of solipsistic NATION and ZZK Records came up time and time again.

ZZK Records is based out Buenos Aires and when I approached Grant Dull, the label’s cofounder, about showcasing ZZK Records he was kind enough let me have access to the label’s entire catalogue. I didn’t know what to expect but to my surprise and delight after playing tracks from ZZK Records on a random two hour sampling I didn’t hear a bad track. They were all fantastic and I quickly fell in love with ZZK.

I was also charmed with ZZK Records’ regional sound. Too often these days you can listen to, say, drum and bass from the US to Japan and it will sound uniformly drum and bass. It’s rare to hear electronic based music that has a locative quality to it. ZZK Records definitely sounds like it’s a product of Argentina. Furthermore, while the artists on ZZK Records may have a regional sound it’s not the flattened, homogenized worldbeat sound so popular with so many other flavors. The artists on ZZK Records have a real presence and while the music may have regional flavor it’s not for the sake of being exotic.

I can’t hope to convey the full range of ZZK Records on today’s show but it’s a start and I encourage you to dig deeper and explore further. You’ll definitely be rewarded for you effort!

  1. Intima “Fatbot es Lim (Tremor Remix)”
  2. Tremor “Terminal”
  3. Interview with Grant Dull, cofounder of ZZK Records
  4. Sonido del Principe “Cartagena”
  5. Chancha Via Circuito “Cumbia Murguera”
  6. Interview with Grant Dull, cofounder of ZZK Records
  7. Axel K Soundsystem “Cumbieton Rutero”
  8. Douster “Ladinian”
  9. Interview with Grant Dull, cofounder of ZZK Records
  10. Poirier ft. Boogat “Kalima Shop Titi (El Remolon Remix)”
  11. King Coya “Villa Donde”
  12. Fauna “Las Mil Caras”
  13. Meneo “La Licuadora”
  14. Aldo Benitez “Dia Libre (Chancha Via Circuito Remix)”
  15. Interview with Grant Dull, cofounder of ZZK Records
  16. Lulacruza “Canta (King Coya Milonga Remix)”
  17. Chancha Via Circuito “Selva”
  18. Interview with Grant Dull, cofounder of ZZK Records
  19. El Remolon “La Bonita”

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