solipsistic NATION No. 213: Magicore


Today’s show featuring music selected by the rad lads from the Magicore music blog is so much fun!

For the last year or so I’ve been friends with [tlr] on Twitter. [tlr] has always had great things to say and posted links to some wonderful links. A lot of links happened to be from his Magicore blog so I subscribed to his feed and was richly rewarded.

What is Magicore? Magicore is “a style of music primarily deriving influence from various genres of metal, electronic dance music, video-game music, and Japanese pop music. Magicore albums are conceptual in nature and revolve around a science fiction/fantasy storyline, with characters and settings.” Magicore as a genre doesn’t exist so Magicore the blog posts music that captures the spirit of what Magicore could be.

I loved the music I was finding on Magicore so I invited [tlr] to come on the show as a guest DJ to play the music he thought was the very best of Magicore. And boy did he ever deliver! As an added bonus, we also get to talk with tooth_eye and Phil who run the Magicore blog with [tlr].

I think you’re really going to like today’s show. Honestly, unless you don’t have a joyful bone in your body there’s no way you can not like today’s show. And to sweeten the pot we’re giving away a Voltron USB Flash drive from the fine folks from Incubot. Just email me a list of as many giant robot references you heard on today’s show for your chance to win!

Join us again next week for a special Halloween mix.

  1. Adventure Kid “Music Killed Me”
  2. Blazar “The Chrysalis” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  3. Interview with [tlr], tooth_eye and Phil of Magicore
  4. Master Hatchet “Dreams”
  5. SHE “Music”
  6. D/A/D “Miami Thunder”
  7. FANGiRL “whothehelldoyouthinkiam”
  8. Bear & Lampshade “Vegetarian Death Metal” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  9. Sickboy Milkplus “Tweencore 2″
  10. odaxelagnia “Happy Lucky Love Sugar”
  11. RoMak & The Space Pirates “I Can’t Find a Place To Park (The Tleilaxu Music Machine I Can Haz HHxC Remix?)”
  12. Hymen “SubarashikiShinSekai”[FREE DOWNLOAD]
  13. Interview with [tlr], tooth_eye and Phil of Magicore
  14. Tooth_Eye “Family Reunion (Blood of the Chiroptera)” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  15. Monokle & Galun “Globus”
  16. Owl Challenger “Women Snack on Souls” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  17. UrthSHiFT “Visitors”
  18. Johan ESS “Functional Vanity”
  19. NVR-NDR “Never Ender (Ghettomaster Remix by Tetsujin and [tlr])”
  20. The Tleilaxu Music Machine “Clicks Into Place”
  21. A Beautiful Lotus “Life in 140 or Less”
  22. [tlr] “Hexxxcellent”
  23. Norrin Radd “Becoming Superluminal” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  24. Interview with [tlr], tooth_eye and Phil of Magicore
  25. Yatagarasu “Uninsured”
  26. Bubblegum Octopus “Meat Choir”
  27. Les Trucs “Waiting for My Superhero Skills to Come Out”
  28. Talks to Animals “Skyfire Arcade”
  29. Baby Giraffes “Rei II”

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