solipsistic NATION No. 214: A Murder of Crows

A Murder of CrowsToday on solipsistic NATION I’m providing the soundtrack for your Halloween.

Whether your getting dressed to go out to that Halloween party or whether your staying in watching scary movies or giving out candy to trick or treaters, I think I’ve got something for everyone on today’s show.

If you’re new to solipsistic NATION: welcome. A big hello to all of you coming our way by way of Alterati.

Each show on solipsistic NATION is different. The only consistent theme is that I play the very best of all genres of electronic music.

Last week’s Magicore show was so relentlessly cheerful that Halloween was just the excuse I needed to play some dark and scary stuff.

I don’t know how you’ll be spending your Halloween but I’ll be hanging out with my friends doing a Murder Mystery and I’ll play the role of Al Capone. That’s just the kind of dorks we are.

I’ll also be bringing two batches of Kool-Aid pickles to the party.

Kool-Aid pickles are basically pickles that have been marinating in Kool-Aid juice for a couple weeks. I’ve got a batch of cherry and a batch of lemon-lime pickles. The cherry pickles are blood red and the lemon-lime pickles are neon green. It sounds disgusting but they’re actually quite delicious!

Join us again next week for a special live set from from Dub Gabriel from Beijing.

Photo Credit: ©Paul Baggaley

  1. The Weather Channel “Weather Channel 0″ [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  2. Ad·ver·sary “Epilogue” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  3. Meat Beat Manifesto “Token Words”
  4. Ad·ver·sary “Darker” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  5. Geomatic “Final Dimensional Shift”
  6. Frank Riggio “Cristal Connyc” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  7. Pandora’s Black Book “Threshold”
  8. Suicide Inside “Mechanics Of The Fall” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  9. Enduser “Off”
  10. Trentemøller “…Even Though You’re With Another Girl (Alternative Instrumental Version)”
  11. Oy “Rosa (Live at Herbest Radio)” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  12. Synoiz “Ever Emptiness”
  13. You Shriek “Lilith in Libra”

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