solipsistic NATION No. 217: Ensorcelled

EnsorcelledI don’t know where you are in the world or what time of day you are listening to this show but right now, for me, it is a rainy Saturday afternoon in San Diego.

It doesn’t rain often in San Diego but it’s perfect because it fits my mood and my mood is a foul mood. No particular reason for it. Just the usual hassle of dealing with a quotidian life. But putting today’s show put me in a better mood.

You know, usually I have to wade through a lot of crap to find tracks that I think are worth listening to on Solipsistic Nation. The last few weeks have been remarkable because I’ve come across a lot of great music. More so than usual.

In a lot of way today’s show reminds me of my days spinning at WMFO. I’d come in 45-60 minutes before my show, grab a stack of new albums and CDs I had pulled and quickly scan through them in one of our spare studios. Some how I’d manage to hang a show together from all the songs that I felt were listening to.

I’ve been very busy the last few weeks but as always, I’ve been flagging music that I’ve been listening to that might be played on a future show. Glad I did that because I found myself scrambling to put together this week’s show. I just grabbed an hour’s worth of songs and made a playlist that made some sort of sense, if only to me.

Quite a few of the songs heard on today’s show can be freely downloaded (check the links below) but I want to direct your attention to the Let’s Get Creaked compilation album. Usually you’re lucky if you get one or two decent tracks from a compilation album. The Let’s Get Creaked is chock full not just decent tracks but stellar tracks! Best of all, it’s free!

Hell, as long as we’re giving out free music you need to download Signal Path‘s Imaginary Lines album. These lads from Colorado have put together an album that just touches the soul over the speakers.

Okay. I’m out of here. See you next week.

Photo Credit: © Ryan Kasnick

  1. Hindu Pez “Climbing” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  2. Igorrr “Excessive Funeral”
  3. Salem “Hound”
  4. Tobacco “Motorlicker”
  5. Squarepusher “Laser Rock”
  6. Nosaj Thing “Coat of Arms (Boreta Remix)”
  7. Signal Path “Pet Horse” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  8. Sub Swara “Bend You”
  9. Tripswitch “Floating Point”
  10. Gold Panda “You”
  11. Alog “Islands of Memory” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  12. Opak “Looping” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  13. D-Sisive “If… (Instrumental)”
  14. Swedish House Mafia “One More Time”

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