solipsistic NATION No. 219: spontanMusik

spontanMusikI’ve been showcasing labels on solipsistic NATION for four years. There are still a few labels I’d like to feature on the show like Warp Records and Astralwerks but I’m pretty close to checking off every label on my wish list. More and more I’ve been relying on you tell me which labels to feature on future shows.

A few months back PixiegutsMarie Craven suggested that I give spontanMusik a listen. Marie has excellent taste in music so I went to the spontanMusik website without a moment’s hesitation. I loved every track I heard and I invited Tobias Lorsbach, the label’s founder, to come on the show and play select tracks from spontanMusik.

I think what I enjoy most about spontanMusik is that the music is not just great, it also deftly spans and blends many different genres of music. Indeed, there’s also an infusion if jazz to many of the tracks from spontanMusik, as you shall hear on today’s show.

Nearly all the music on today’s show can be downloaded for free (see the links below). If you like what you hear, why not purchase the music you like to support the artists as well as spontanMusik.

2011 is just around the corner and my New Year’s resolution is to check off the rest of the labels on my wish list. That still leaves a lot of open slots left for me fill so if there’s a label that you feel deserves to be showcased, please do let me know.

See you next week and we’ll do it all over again. But, of course, completely different.

  1. Solid-M “Indetermination2″ [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  2. Interview with Tobias Lorsbach, founder of spontanMusik
  3. Supralist “Fluttering” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  4. Keinzweiter “Opus” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  5. Keinzweiter “Goldbrick” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  6. Just Two Ordinary People “Lucky Times (Paul Frick Remix)” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  7. Tom Ellis “A Day In The Life”
  8. Paradroid “Gyroscopic Robo Funk” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  9. Interview with Tobias Lorsbach, founder of spontanMusik
  10. Elco Park “Kaleidoscopic Flower Patterns” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  11. Woodnote “Mac Avity” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  12. Lavajaz “The Weird Wire”
  13. Interview with Tobias Lorsbach, founder of spontanMusik
  14. Lavajaz “Contour”

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