solipsistic NATION No. 222: Chevron, Live

Chevron, LiveA few years back I had Nicolas Chevreux of Ad Noiseam on the show to talk about his label. Ad Noiseam is one of those labels that puts out consistently great music so it was a real chore to try and shoe horn only an hour’s worth of music into the show. I think I did a fairly decent job although it pained me not to include the other great music from Ad Noiseam.

One of the artists on Ad Noiseam that took me by surprise was Chevron. His track, “Burn Down The Jungle!,” was so mindblowingly awesome that when I showcased Planet Mu Records there was no question that I was going to play another track by Chevron.

Since then Chevron has remained on my radar and when he sent me a copy of his live set a few months ago I knew I had to play it on solipsistic NATION. Hence, today’s show.

A little background on Chevron: Chevron is Jonathan Valentine and hails from the UK. Jonathan began making rave and techno from an early age. In 2003 Planet Mu released his first 7″ Swimmin’ Lessons. Further short releases on Planet Mu followed in 2004 as well as a European tour with Ceephax Acid Crew. He has also played many shows, including the legendary Kraked Squat Party, with artists such as Venetian Snares and Shitmat. Since 2003, he has lived in Brighton with Shitmat, who is also the founder of Wrong Music Records.

Hope you enjoy Chevron’s live set. Join us again next week when we’ll showcase the music of Nueva Forma. See you then!

  1. Chevron “Live”
  2. Interview with Jonathan Valentine of Chevron

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