solipsistic NATION No. 223: Nueva Forma

Nueva FormaLast month I featured a live set from Masmöd. I’ve been a fan of Masmöd’s for a couple of years now so it was a pleasure to finally have him on solipsistic NATION. Masmöd, who’s “secret identity” is Michael John, is also one of the co-founders of Nueva Forma, and after our interview I asked if he’d be interested in appearing on one of our label showcases. As you can tell by the title of today’s show, he agreed.

One of the reasons why I’m such a fan of Michael’s music is because it is rich both emotionally and sonically. All the artists on Nueva Forma are distinct from each other but they all plumb the same depths making each track more than just a casual listening experience. That’s exactly the kind of music I enjoy and exactly the kind of music I endeavor to showcase on solipsistic NATION.

Furthermore, Nueva Forma is something of a boutique label so each artist and each album has been carefully selected. As a DJ and a producer of solipsistic NATION I’m inundated with new music each week and most of it is terrible. I often scratch my head wondering who gave the go-ahead to release such dreck on their labels. Clearly this is not the case with Nueva Forma where each album and each song is required listening.

If you enjoy today’s show and happen to be in Portland, Oregon next February 4th then you’ll definitely want to attend Nueva Forma’s Kontrast which is a curated, audio/visual electronic music event. Kontrast will be featured at Ziba who’s sole purpose is to provide a venue for beautiful experiences and is perfect environment for Nueva Forma. Michael and his crew are concerned that there has been a downward trend in the once ubiquitous nature of electronic music in Portland. With Kontrast they hope to make the genre once again more accessible by hosting (potentially) bi-annual events throughout the city, the first being the event at Ziba. Check it out.

Next month on solipsistic NATION we’ll showcase Diffrent Music. If you like drum and bass then you’re going to love their label. Also in February we’ll talk with Alec Empire and hear a special live set from his band, Atari Teenage Riot. I’m pretty excited about that and I hope you are, too.

See you next week!

  1. A Gap Between “Bonfire”
  2. cloudburst “i say”
  3. Interview with Michael John, co-founder of Nueva Forma
  4. Hello Square “Office Jargon (A Gap Between Remix)”
  5. The Bear & The Sea “Platypus, Yo”
  6. Del Dot “Shedd View”
  7. Creta “Arc”
  8. Interview with Michael John, co-founder of Nueva Forma
  9. Masmöd “Map Of The Stars”
  10. Pinscape “Sueme”
  11. iameb 57 “GrainCookie”
  12. Masmöd “Cascading Lights”
  13. Miori “Different Countries”
  14. Lapse “We’ve Been Rowing For So Long”
  15. Interview with Michael John, co-founder of Nueva Forma

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