solipsistic NATION No. 229: Boring

BoringToday’s show was inspired by a piece by Banksy, courtesy of Art of the State. As you can see, we have what we can safely assume is a fairly well-to-do, middle-aged white male gazing thoughtfully of some graffiti that simply reads “BORING.” Given Banksy’s meteoric rise from obscurity to a cult following art world darling it’s safe to assume that this is Banksy wry commentary on art, culture, media and fame.

Banksy’s piece also reminds me of something Elvis Costello once said: “writing about music is like dancing for architecture.” As the host of this show that comments makes me feel a little uncomfortable. While I may not be writing about music I am dangerously flirting with pomposity when I interview the guests who grace the show. There have been a few times one one of the people I am interviewing feels exasperated talking about their music. Sometimes it’s almost ineffable. It’s like asking them to write about music. Still, we’re human. I want to ask the questions and if you listen to the show, well, you want the answers.

Got quite a show for you today!

First up is a chat with Jack Dangers of Meat Beat Manifesto about his new album, Answers Comes In Dreams. If you’re a longtime listener of solipsistic NATION then you know I’m a huge fan of Meat Beat Manifesto. If you’re a fan too then be sure to check out my interview with Jack and a live set from Meat Beat Manifesto.

Up next is an interview with Suridh Hassan, the director of Bassweight, a documentary that travels from the UK to Brazil and to Japan to explore just how huge and how quickly dubstep has taken over the world and features the likes of Benga, Kode 9 and Mary Anne Hobbs. Suridh was kind enough to give me one copy of Bassweight to give to a lucky winner. Tweet me or email me for your chance to win!

We’ll continue with the dubstep theme and talk with DJ Umb of Generation Bass. Vincent Koreman is the founder of Generation Bass, which is a blog, a music label and a festival. I’ve asked DJ Umb to explain what the glue is that holds them all together as well as their wonderful compilation album, Generation Bass Presents Transnational Dubstep.

We’ll wrap today’s show up by catching up with [tlr] about his big show at The Terrace performing as NVR-NDR. Also at the show will be Ming & Ping, Kid Static, Kissing Tigers and DJ Bzzrrpp. If you can’t make the show then listen to [tlr]‘s Magicore mix he did with tooth_eye and Phil for solipsistic NATION a few months back. It’s one of my favorite shows of 2010!

Okay, my shoulders are throbbing from working on this show all day and I can type another word. See you next week for a special live set from :papercutz. See you then!

Graffiti Credit: ©Banksy
Photo Credit: ©Art of the State

  1. Meat Beat Manifesto “M.Y.C.”
  2. Interview with Jack Dangers of Meat Beat Manifesto
  3. Meat Beat Manifesto “Waterphone”
  4. Tes La Rok “Uprise (Exerpt)”
  5. Interview with Suridh Hassan, the director of Bassweight
  6. Skream “Skwelcha”
  7. Sa Bat’ Machines “Valium Gitan”
  8. Interview with DJ Umb of Generation Bass
  9. Jajouka Soundsystem “Salahdeen”
  10. Ming & Ping “After the End”
  11. Interview with [tlr] of NVR-NDR
  12. NVR-NDR “Be Who You Are (IAM remix by Sheldon James)”

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