solipsistic NATION No. 231: Iberian Records

Iberian RecordsThis month’s showcase features a label that actually appeared on the Dubsonic edition of solipsistic NATION and that label is Iberian Records. That show also included music from Boka Records, Hot Flush Recordings, Immerse Records and a lot of other labels putting out fantastic dubstep EPs and LPs.

That show was just a snapshot of each label and I’ve been meaning to focus more in-depth on each label as we go along. On today’s show we’re going to hear 21 select tracks from Iberian Records.

I’ve come to love Iberian Records in the last few years because while their release may be few, each one is special and I’ve really enjoyed the horizons of bass and groove driven music they’ve been exploring.

Howie is one of the founders of Iberian Records and he returns to solipsistic NATION to talk about his label.

Join us again next week. Our guest will be my buddy, Headphone Jack!

  1. 23Hz & Numaestro “Al Andalus”
  2. Interview with Howie, co-founder of Iberian Records
  3. Migrant “Pipe Club”
  4. Migrant “Unify”
  5. Migrant “Get Together”
  6. Relocate “P Riddim (Deep Dub)”
  7. Octa Push feat. Toni Clean “Deixa”
  8. Migrant “Limbic Sistim”
  9. Relocate “History (Cabbage Cut)”
  10. Relocate “Desiring Machine”
  11. Scimitar “Work Song”
  12. Scimitar “Rooster”
  13. Scimitar “Primitivo”
  14. Scimitar “Family Dub”
  15. Relocate “Acid Sumatra”
  16. Interview with Howie, co-founder of Iberian Records
  17. Relocate “Soul Survivor”
  18. Relocate “Dot Dot Dash (Buraka Som Sistema Remix)”
  19. Relocate “Hard Ass”
  20. Octa Push feat. K-Tronik “Legos (Corsario Riddim VIP)”
  21. Intrview with Howie, co-founder of Iberian Records
  22. Relocate “Freeloader”
  23. Relocate “Ulysses Syndrome”

53:18 | 48.41 MB

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