solipsistic NATION No. 235: Polis

PolisToday’s show is a soundtrack for an imaginary movie set in an imaginary city. Think Bladerunner‘s LA meets William Gibson‘s Sprawl meets Tron: Legacy.

Our first track is “Community” by PVT from their Church With No Magic album released by Warp Records. In my movie, PVT’s “Community” would be the music that you’d hear at the beginning of the movie when all the production companies display their logos and “Community” sets the mood immediately for the rest of the movie. Big, solemn, and mysterious.

From “Community” we make our way to Neil Milton‘s “The Broken Lines” from the Brave New World compilation album released by the FeedbackLoop Label. The “Broken Lines” is our movies’ introduction as intoned by our narrator. As our narrator speaks we dissolve to ocean waves in the night. The camera pulls back to reveal our sinister city and we segue into Kabutogani‘s track, “Ducts,” from Kabutogani’s Bektop album. The camera slowly begins to advance on the city, picking up speed until we glide over the shore and into the city streets.

I don’t know what kind of movie this is but it’s definitely got a noirish vibe to it with some scifi undertones, kind of like Dark City or The Matrix. I wonder what the big reveal will be? Will our heroes find that they are living in a digital illusion or that their city is actually a spaceship?

We’ve meet our protagonists and antagonists and the conflict and drama begins as Weiss‘ “Rezykla” weaves the plot elements together. Thorsten Soltau continues that theme with “Rezykla7.”

What soundtrack would be complete without Brian Eno and from Eno’s 2010 album, Small Craft On A Milk Sea, we’ll hear “Complex Heaven.” Come to think of it, this week’s show probably wouldn’t exist without Brian Eno’s many scores for imaginary films.

From Undermathic we’ll hear “Big City Nights” from their album, 10;10pm, out on Tympanik Audio. “Big City Nights” sounds like music that signifies that our movie is moving into it’s second act and Undermathic is moving the story right along with it. The stakes are suddenly bigger and plot twists abound.

“Shrouding” is by Perfect Blind from their Three Spires album and this to me sounds like your chase scene or fight scene music, right?

This is all leading to the big showdown.

Let’s be honest, the music is more to suggest the idea of a kind of movie than an actual plot or storyline. I’ll leave that you screenwriters out there.

In act three we listening to Subheim‘s remix of SE‘s track, “Mimikry.” Mmm, sounds introspective, pensive and full of regret. Our heroes must be doing a lot of soul searching right about now. Smoking cigarettes, walking through the rain, driving nowhere on their motorcycles through the city streets.

Before “Mimikry” we’ll hear “Concerning The Bombs” by Starting Teeth featuring Larytta from the Let’s Get Creaked compilation album. From Suicide Inside we’ll hear “Kill The Guilt” from their album, Dead Red. That’s definitely the smash cut to act three.

And how do we resolve out little movie? Well, we’re going to close with the Oneohtrix Point Never Edit of King Felix‘s “Metal Confection.” Kind of feels like resolution music where the big plot twist is revealed and with Phutureprimitive‘s new album, Kinetik, we roll credits with his track, “Disappear.”

I hope you enjoy this week’s soundtrack to an imaginary movie. Join us again next week and we’ll do it all over again. But completely different!

Photo Credit: ©amras_de

  1. PVT “Community”
  2. Neil Milton “The Broken Lines” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  3. Kabutogani “Ducts”
  4. Weiss “Rezykla” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  5. Thorsten Soltau “Rezykla7″ [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  6. Brian Eno “Complex Heaven”
  7. Undermathic “Big City Nights”
  8. Perfect Blind “Shrouding” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  9. Suicide Inside “Kill The Guilt”
  10. Starting Teeth “Concerning The Bombs feat. Larytta” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  11. SE “Mimikry (Subheim Remix)” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  12. King Felix “Metal Confection (Oneohtrix Point Never Edit)”
  13. Phutureprimitive “Disappear”

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