solipsistic NATION No. 238: Matta, Live

Matta, LiveLooks like we picked up a lot of new listeners thanks to last week’s show featuring Karsh Kale, Tim Sköld, Ogre and Hoodoo Engine. If that’s you, welcome aboard!

The first weekend of each and every month I feature a live performance with a quick interview with the artist. Recent shows have included concerts from Igorrr, :papercutz and Atari Teenage Riot.

On today’s show we’re going to listen to a live set from James and Andy of Matta. I think you’re going to dig it. I’ve already played it enough times over my headphones that I think it’s worn a permanent groove in my brain.

James and Andy have remixed everyone from Hecq to Haters and they recently released their album, Prototype, on everyone’s favorite label, Ad Noiseam Records. Prototyope is definitely worth your money, but listen to today’s show first before you run off to download it.

Join us again next week when we’ll showcase the music of Herb Recordings!

  1. Interview with James and Andy of Matta
  2. Hecq “Sura (Matta Remix)”
  3. Matta “Puncture”
  4. Matta “Chest Rocker (Dub)”
  5. Matta “UFO”
  6. Matta “Inquisition pt2″
  7. Matta “Monster”
  8. Skism “Back Off (Matta Remix)”
  9. Matta “Empire vs Turning Tricks (Dub)”
  10. Haters “Anthem (Matta Remix)”
  11. Matta “Bullet Screams”
  12. Matta “Release The Freq”
  13. Matta ft MC Coppa “Eyes”
  14. Matta “Chaos Reigns”
  15. Matta “Fade”
  16. Matta “Chamber”
  17. Roel Funcken “Skarm Sfias (Matta Remix)”
  18. Bong Ra “Megasaurus (Matta Remix)”
  19. Matta “Mass”
  20. Tomandandy “Tokyo (Prohabit Remix)”
  21. Matta “Feed (Dub)”
  22. Black Lung “Succulent Bruises & Bruised Roses (Matta Remix)”
  23. Matta “Freefall”
  24. Matta “Hit The Switch”
  25. Matta “Turning Tricks”
  26. LDZ “Faith (Prod by Matta)”

1:15:15 | 69.00 MB

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