solipsistic NATION No. 239: Herb Recordings

Herb RecordingsOnce a month on solipsistic NATION I showcase a record label that is putting out such amazing releases that I am compelled to share them with you. I like to think of it as a form of public service.

On today’s show we’re going to hear select tracks from Herb Recordings. We’ll also chat with Craig Murphy, the man behind Herb Recordings.

Herb Recordings is is an independent record label based in Scotland and while they’re not an electronic record label per se, they release enough of it that I feel like I can claim them as one of our own.

I first took note of Herb Recordings when I would I listen to music from the likes of Skytree, Kingbastard and Shamanic Technology and I would think to myself, “this is great stuff!” And then I run off and quickly Google them and the trail always lead back to Herb Recordings.

Last December, Solipsism came on the show with his live set that was recorded at Nice n Sleazy in Glasgow. Craig Murphy is Solipsism and he’s also the man behind Herb Recordings and I asked if he’d be interested coming on the show. He joins us today from his home in Glasgow to talk with us about his label and the release of Herb Recordings excellent compilation album, Verdant.

Next month we’ll showcase Waveform Records. They put out all those great ambient dub and trance compilation albums we love so much and they also happen to be based in my backyard here in San Diego.

Join us again next week for a special mix from Praketh of the blueOrb podcast.

  1. Engine7 “Nichts”
  2. Skytree “Pulsae Referunt Ad Sidera Valles”
  3. Interview with Craig Murphy of Herb Recordings
  4. Jack Marchment “Countach Sound”
  5. Shamanic Technology “Temple of Mind”
  6. Engine7 & The Lotus Project “All That I Wanted”
  7. Kingbastard “Hapus A Ddaeth I Ben (Croesi Bysedd)”
  8. Interview with Craig Murphy of Herb Recordings
  9. Shamanic Technology “Electronic Therapy”
  10. Small Radio “Leaf Shaped Feelings”
  11. Ulle Kamelle “Stamm”
  12. Kingbastard “Boombox”
  13. Megamegaman “Tron”

56:55 | 52.13 MB

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