solipsistic NATION No. 242: alka, merohedra, Alexei Borisov and 80(sun), Live

alka, merohedra, Alexei Borisov and 80(sun), LiveIt’s such a beautiful day here in San Diego that I decided to get out of the studio and record today’s introduction with you from my roof deck. There’s a light breeze and from where I’m standing I can see the Pacific Ocean. I wish you were here to see it with me. After living in Boston, San Diego feels like a slice of paradise.

Today’s show is going to be a bit different. Instead of featuring one or two live performances and an interview, I present to you four, count ‘em, four live sets for your enjoyment!

During the last year or so I’ve been accumulating some recordings of live performances that on clock in at around 15 or 20 minutes. I’ve just been waiting until I had enough of these shorter sets to combine them into one show. Obviously, we’ve reached that point so let me tell you what you’ll hear on today’s live extravaganza.

First up, we’ll hear a live set from alka. I believe this set was recorded at the GATE in Philadelphia a year or two ago. Special thanks goes to Bryan Michael for providing me with alka’s live set.

Next, we’ll hear a live set from merohedra performing at Openmind stage back in 2010 at the Psycrowdelica Festival in Germany. merohedra is part of the Bak$hish Music collective and you can hear more music from the Bakshish Music on November 14th edition of solipsistic NATION.

From merohedra we’ll move on to Alexei Borisov show at Yaroslavl way back in 2003. I don’t know much about Alexei Borisov but I do know he’s somehow affiliated with Marcos Fenrandes of Accretions and that’s all the credentials I need (check out my interview with Marcos here).

We’re going to close today’s show with a live set from 80(sun). 80(sun) is the solo recording project of Jonathan Scherk. I’m not sure where this was recorded at except that it was recorded at a now closed art gallery to a room of dubstep punks. That’s all I know.

Speaking of live, I want to thank Daysha out in Texas for turning me on to Calvertron, Figure, Turbo Teen, Aversion and DJ Monkey who performed at the World Beat Center last night here in San Diego. Daysha is not only super nice but she’s also super talented and produces and promotes bass music.

Join us again next week when we’ll showcase Waveform Records, who are one of my favorite labels that also happen to be based here in San Diego. See you then!

  1. alka “Live, GATE in Philadelphia”
  2. merohedra “Live, Openmind stage at the Psycrowdelica Festival”
  3. Alexei Borisov “Live, Yaroslavl”
  4. 80(sun) “Live”

1:16:21 | 69.98 MB

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