solipsistic NATION No. 244: Static Hiss

static HissI’ve got a great show for you today. Well, great if you like things that snap, crackle and hiss.

We’ll hear a couple tracks off of the Clicks & Cuts 5.0 – Paradigm Shift compilation album. Clicks & Cuts was released by the newly relaunched Mille Plateaux label, and Clicks & Cuts caused a bit of stir in the electronic music community. Some feel the new owner, Marcus Gabler, is taking the label beyond it’s roots, while others think that Clicks & Cuts is simply derivative. Me, I don’t care. I think the album is pretty dope and I’m basing that solely on the music.

We’ll also hear a couple tracks from Electroton with artists Weiss, Thorsten Soltau and Kabutogani. I don’t know a lot about Electroton but so far everything I’ve heard from the label has been absolutely fantastic so I’ll be keeping my eye on them, and so should you.

I got a really nice email earlier this week from Lyman, who listens to the show from the UK. Lyman likes the show and he also turned me on to some really great music ranging from flamenco to French horn and Javanese Gamelan music to some Renaissance music. You can find videos of the music Lyman introduced me below.

Last week’s label showcase featuring Waveform Records got a lot of love. Macedonia from the always excellent Both Sides of the Surface podcast said that his wife still has her copy of the One A.D. compilation album along with releases from Higher Intelligence Agency and Sounds From The Ground.

Seven on Facebook told me that Waveform Records A.D. series helped him study while he was in med school and was excited to learn that he can now listen to more music from Waveform Records on the Musical Starstreams online radio show.

If you liked last week’s show featuring Waveform Records, then you’re really going to dig next week’s show. We’ll talk with Bluetech, Phutureprimitive, Ott and Pitch Black and hear tracks from their new albums.

See you then!

Photo Credit: ©nickphotos

  1. kiyo “Bear In. Warm-Noiz”
  2. Klive “Sweaty Palms”
  3. Wyatt Keusch “Object 01″
  4. Kabutogani “Ducts”
  5. Weiss “rezykla” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  6. Yu Miyashita “Scrypt”
  7. Pleq “Do You Ever Remember Your Dreams (from C&C 5.1 version)”
  8. Nicolaus “Inner”
  9. Sturqen “Nova Kenya”
  10. Luca Nasciuti “Pan~” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  11. Thorsten Soltau “Rezykla7″

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