solipsistic NATION No. 246: Zion Train, Live

Zion Train, LiveThis week’s show came together so quickly my head is still spinning!

Once a month on solipsistic NATION I feature a live performance from an electronic musician. I usually try to have a bank of live sets so I don’t have to scramble at the last minute to get a show out. I say “usually” because lately I’ve been so very busy that my bank of live sets had dwindled away and today’s show was fast approaching and I had absolutely nothing!

And then, out of the blue, I get an email from Dubmatix announcing Zion Train‘s forthcoming Dub Revolutionaries – The Very Best Of Zion Train album (check out Dubmatix’s live set on solipsistic NATION while you’re at it. I asked Dubmatix if he could put me in touch with Zion Train and within a day I was exchanging emails with Zion’s Neil Perch. Neil agreed to come on the show and was kind enough to send me their live set from Poland. I only just got off the phone with Neil a few hours ago.

I’m excited about today’s show for a couple reasons. First, it’s Zion Train, for crying out loud!

Zion Train were part of the dub explosion that came out of the 90s. They’ve released over 10 albums and their Live As One album won Zion Train the 2007 Jamaican Reggae Grammy for Best Dub Recording. It’s crazy that I’ve been listening to their music all these years and now I get to talk with one of the founding members and play one of their concerts on the show!

Another reason I’m excited about today’s show is that I got to use Apogee‘s Duet 2 to record the voice overs for the first time!

solipsistic NATION has always been a D.I.Y. cheap tech operation. I’m quite proud of that, in fact. I think it’s great we all have access to inexpensive technology that can be used for tools of creation. But I’ve reached a point where that aesthetic has stopped being a produce the best show I can with the tools at hand to a limitation. Yeah, my gear is okay, but for a reasonable investment I cam make solipsistic NATION sound so much better!

The Duet 2 is the first part of many stages that will take place behind the scenes in the next few months in the production of solipsistic NATION. I’m thrilled that I’ll be able to significantly boost the quality of the show and I’m equally thrilled in all the ways I’ll have to re-learn how I do my show.

Okay, enough of that.

Join us again next week when, by popular demand, we’ll showcase Katabatik Records.

  1. Zion Train “One Inch Dub”
  2. Interview with Neil Perch, founder of Zion Train
  3. Zion Train “Bloodlines (Live, Poznan, Poland 2009)”
  4. Zion Train “Forward Ever (Live, Poznan, Poland 2009)”
  5. Zion Train “Give Me Good Sensi (Live, Poznan, Poland 2009)”
  6. Zion Train “Bubblegum (Live, Poznan, Poland 2009)”
  7. Zion Train “Know Bout Jah (Live, Poznan, Poland 2009)”
  8. Zion Train “Edelweiss Piraten (Live, Poznan, Poland 2009)”
  9. Zion Train “Beware (Live, Poznan, Poland 2009)”
  10. Zion Train “No Answer (Live, Poznan, Poland 2009)”
  11. Zion Train “Terror Talk (Live, Poznan, Poland 2009)”
  12. Zion Train “Crisis (Live, Poznan, Poland 2009)”
  13. Zion Train “Life That I Choose (Live, Poznan, Poland 2009)”
  14. Zion Train “Baby Father (Live, Poznan, Poland 2009)”
  15. Zion Train “War In Babylon (Live, Poznan, Poland 2009)”

1:54:18 | 104.73 MB

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