solipsistic NATION No. 250: Speak Onion, Live

Speak Onion, LiveSpeak Onion is Dan Abatemarco and Dan was our guest on last year’s show about music made with iPods, iPhones and iPads. Dan’s back again with a live set recorded at the Charleston in Brooklyn for Immigrant Breast Nest‘s record release party.

Dan’s music has elements of breakcore and drum and bass in it but what Dan is really about is unleashing gnarly chunks of noise at his audience. It’s rare that a recording of a performance can capture that energy but today’s show definitely does.

I want to keep you up to date on last week’s Kickstarter San Diego stop sign flower yarn bomb project. I talked to Knitting Guy and he made his goal of raising $1,200.

If you donated some cash because of last week’s interview, thanks for making San Diego even more beautiful than it already is. And if there’s a worthy Kickstarter project that you think I should promote on the show, shoot me an email at

I also want to take this opportunity to thank for you listening to the show. Solipsistic Nation has been getting literally thousands of new listeners every month. In fact, solipsistic NATION got over 42,000 downloads in July. I know some shows have listeners in the hundreds of thousands but 42,000 downloads is pretty amazing for my humble little show. So thanks!

It’s very flattering that so many of you are enjoying the show and sharing it with your friends. I’ll try and hold up my end of the bargain by putting out as many fun and interesting shows as I can.

Join us again for next week’s label showcase with a special mix from Ember Music‘s Bill and Kurt, featuring select tracks from their label.

  1. Speak Onion “Maroon Pinka”
  2. Joy Through Noise “Krypton”
  3. Speak Onion “Where In Winter We Slept (Icy Bliss Remix)”
  4. Interview with Dan Abatemarco of Speak Onion
  5. Speak Onion “Live in Brooklyn (July 9, 2011)”

1:02:03 | 56.93 MB

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