solipsistic NATION No. 254: Polyfuse, Live

Polyfuse, Live

Today’s show goes out to all you Burners out there. I was hoping to make the pilgrimage to Burning Man this year but it wasn’t meant to be, so, I’m there in spirit instead with a live set from Polyfuse recorded at Reggie’s Rock Club in Chicago, July 6th, 2011.

I’ve only just met Justin and I know precious little about him, and his website is frustratingly vague, which is just the way Justin likes it. But we’ll pull back the layers of mystery and get to know Justin a little bit.

Justin’s latest album is called The Speed Of Forever and you can listen and purchase to songs from his latest album on Bandcamp for a mere $5 bucks for 12, count ‘em, 12 tracks. Can’t beat that!

Join us again next week. Normally I showcase a record label but that may not happen. But don’t worry, I’ll put together something to keep you entertained. I always do.

  1. Polyfuse “We Will Make Sure You Disappear”
  2. Polyfuse “Falling Failing Flying Dying”
  3. Interview with Justin McGrath of Polyfuse
  4. Polyfuse “Live, Chicago (July 6th 2011)”

46:14 | 42.41 MB

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