solipsistic NATION No. 255: David Starfire

David StarfireToday’s show went out late.

By listener request I was planning to showcase the Moment Sound record label, but due to scheduling conflicts and a blackout that took out half of the west coast, I was left in the lurch without a show. By happy coincidence, David Starfire was already putting together a mix for an upcoming edition of solipsistic NATION.

Presto! Instant show!

A little late, granted, but trust me, it will be so worth the wait. I’ve only just heard the first half of David’s mix and it’s pretty killer.

Bonus: having David on the show also gives me the excuse to play his cover of The Beatles‘ “Hey Jude” from David’s Bollyhood Bass album.

I love a lot of music, and I love a lot of bands but if you asked me to pick just one, I had have to say that it’s The Beatles. Hands down. And I suspect it’s the same with David.

I’ve been a fan of David’s music since his Bollyhood Bass album was released back in 2010. Feels weird saying that because I feel that some how I’ve always been listening to David. Some musicians are just that way, you know?

Come back next week. I’ve got a project I’ve been working on in the basement of the solipsistic NATION studios and it’s a beast of a mix made up of 100 tracks, with each track being about a minute or less.

See you then!

  1. David Starfire “Hey Jude”
  2. David Starfire “Cobra”
  3. Interview with David Starfire
  4. Beats Antique “Revival (David Starfire Remix)”
  5. The Prototypes “Cascade (Cutline Remix)”
  6. Calvertron “R U Ready”
  7. Plan B “Love Goes Down (Doctor P Remix)”
  8. Professor Green feat.Lily Allen “Just Be Good To Green (Camo & Krooked remix)”
  9. Urban Assault “In the Groove (Drumstep Mix)”
  10. The Beatles “Come Together (David Starfire Drumstep Remix)”
  11. Little John “Road to Cairo (David Starfire Remix)”
  12. Desert Dwellers “Moonlit Horizions (David Starfire Remix)”
  13. Natacha Atlas “Batkallim (David Starfire Remix)”
  14. Bass Science Ft. iCatching “Slip n Slide (David Starfire Remix)”
  15. The Qemists “Take It Back (The Prototypes Remix)”
  16. Jillian Ann & Love and Light “Know Us (David Starfire Remix)”
  17. Roksonix “2 Bad”
  18. David Starfire “Load (Love and Light Remix)”
  19. Bob Marley “Get up Stand up (David Starfire Remix)”

1:14:37 | 68.40 MB

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