solipsistic NATION No. 257: NVR-NDR, Live

NVR-NDR, Live[tlr] makes his triumphant return on solipsistic NATION as NVR-NDR with a special live set and a handful of studio tracks from his Extreme Hyper Impact album!

[tlr], you may recall, was on the show this time last year with a mix of select tracks from the Magicore blog he runs with tooth_eye and Phil. That show was one of my favorite from solipsistic NATION in 2010 because it was so fun, imaginative and exhilirating. Magicore is a genre that exists solely in [tlr]‘s head so I was thrilled when he alchemically transmuted his imagination into reality with the release of his Extreme Hyper Impact album. I admit it, I want to live in [tlr]‘s world, anime exagerated eyes and speed lines and all. If you like what you hear then why not spend a few bucks on [tlr]‘s album so we can all live in his world.

Some quick apologies before I go.

Today’s show was actually supposed to go out two weeks ago. solipsistic NATION is a labor of love but sometimes the demands of day-to-day life intrude on the show. I’ve been so busy lately that it doesn’t take much to derail working on solipsistic NATION and that’s exactly what happened a few weeks back. My apologies go out to [tlr] and especially to you. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that you listen to the show.

Come back again next week and we’ll do it all over again. See you then!

  1. NVR-NDR “Instrumental”
  2. Interview with [tlr] of NVR-NDR “Instrumental”
  3. NVR-NDR “Hidden Destiny Intro (tooth_eye mix)”
  4. NVR-NDR “Never Ender”
  5. NVR-NDR “Be Who You Are”
  6. NVR-NDR “Tetsujin Interlude”
  7. NVR-NDR “Acting Hard ([tlr] remix of Captain Ahab)”
  8. NVR-NDR “We Will Win”
  9. NVR-NDR “B Who U R (ICUH8N remix)”
  10. NVR-NDR “Be Who You Are (IAM remix by Sheldon James)”
  11. NVR-NDR “Never Ender (EVRNV remix by Tetsujin”

46:01 | 42.20 MB

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