solipsistic NATION No. 258: Earful

EarfulToday on solipsistic NATION we’ll talk with Charles Smith, the co-founder and COO of exfm, an online musical service that I’m very excited about. As you browse the web exfm gathers every MP3 file that you come across and builds a music library for you that you can share with your friends.

I don’t get to listen to much music that way because I’m already up to my neck with music that is constantly being sent my way. I do, however, love the idea and I spend a couple of hours every week listening to music selected by people I know on exfm. In fact, today’s show was inspired by music I heard from Charles and Murat Esmer on exfm (oh, and you can find me at exfm at

Stuntdouble has been my friend for just about as long as I’ve been in San Diego. While he wears his heart on his sleeve the man has got hidden depths and during the time I’ve known him he’s been polishing his flow, alchemically transferring his words into your brain. And it doesn’t hurt when you have someone like Tenshun crafting your beats. The guy makes his own vinyl, for crying out loud!

One of the things I love about hip hop and punk is that it tends to be intensely regional. I hail from Boston, so it’s hard for me to see San Diego as anythng other than a slice of paradise. Stuntdouble and Tenshun really brought their A game on The Ballad of Shawn T. Nelson and it’s densely packed with rhymes and beats and their track “Enemy” kicks off today’s show.

We’ll also hear “Quietus” by Meat Beat Manifesto from their new album, Answers Come in Dreams. Jack Dangers is the man behind Meat Beat Manifesto and he came on the show to talk about Answers Come in Dreams last February and you can listen to that show here.

We’ll also listen to “In The Throes Of It” by Roots Manuva from his new album, 4everevolution. I’ve been a fan of Roots Manuva since his 1999 release, Brand New Second Hand, and the reason I’ve been such a big fan is because he’s not afraid to take chances with his music and his musical and lyrical ability has really grown because of that.

“Mascot And The Moth” is by Boom Bip. Bryan Charles Hollon is Boom Bip and “Mascot And The Moth” comes from his new album, Zig Zaj.

“It’s Up There” is by The Field from their new album, Looping State Of Mind. Axel Willner is The Field and I was turned on to him by Amy Grill when we talked about her docoumentary, Speaking in Code. In Speaking in Code Amy followed the lives of several different musicians such as Monolake, Modeselektor and Axel. You can find that show here.

We also hear the Unkle Surrender Sounds Session #16 of Trentemøller’s “Neverglade” from Trentemøller’s Reworked/Remixed album. As always, Trentemøller’s music is brooding and gorgeous.

“Dead Guitars” is by Seefeel from their self-titled album that was released last year on Warp Records.

From The Chemical BrothersFurther album we’ll hear the tracks “Escape Velocity” and “Snow” featuring the dreamy vocals of Stephanie Dosen.

“Dictaphone’s Lament” is by Tycho from his 2010 release, Past & Present and we’re going to close today’s show with “Disappear” by Phutureprimitive. “Disappear” comes from Phutureprimitive’s Kinetik album and he was on the show just a few months ago to talk about his new album. You can hear more music from Phutureprimitive, Bluetech, Pitch Black and Ott on the June 26th, 2011 edition of solipsitic NATION here.

Join us again next week when we’ll do it all over again, but completely different. See you then!

Photo Credit: ©__Danny

  1. Stuntdouble & Tenshun “Enemy”
  2. Meat Beat Manifesto “Quietus”
  3. Roots Manuva “In The Throes Of It”
  4. Boom Bip “Mascot And The Moth”
  5. The Field “It’s Up There”
  6. Interview with Charles Smith, co-founder, COO of ExFM
  7. Trentemøller “Neverglade (Unkle Surrender Sounds Session #16)”
  8. Seefeel “Dead Guitars”
  9. The Chemical Brothers “Snow”
  10. The Chemical Brothers “Escape Velocity”
  11. Tycho “Dictaphone’s Lament”
  12. Phutureprimitive “Disappear”

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