solipsistic NATION No. 259: Mobthrow, Live

Mobthrow, Live

On today’s show we’re going to hear Mobthrow rocking it live at the Riddim Collision Festival in Lyon to celebrate Ad Noiseam‘s 10 year anniversary!

I’ve been a fan of Ad Noiseam for quite a while and for good reason. Ad Noiseam consistently releases great music. It’s that simple. And while Ad Noiseam obvioulsy has a love for breakbeat and dubstep with releases from the likes of Enduser and Bong-Ra it also embraces ambient and experimental music as well, with releases from folks like Wilt and The Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation.

Nicolas Chevreux is the founder of Ad Noiseam and you can hear my interview with him and more music from his label here.

I’ve been a fan of Mobthrow almost as long as I’ve been a fan of Ad Noiseam.

A few years back I had Kostas from Subheim to talk about his now defunct label, Spectraliquid, and while he was on the show he played some great music from Blackfilm, Cardopusher and Ebola. One of the artists that was also featured on the show was Mobthrow and even in a mix of great music his tracks stood out.

Mobthrow had some great beats and rhythms but it was tinged with a lot of moody atmospherics and some of his tracks were downright noirish. With the release of his first full length album, Mobthrow’s music has not only become grander in scale but somehow, at the same time, even more intimate.

Angelos Liaros is Mobthrow and he joins us today by phone from Berlin to talk about his latest album and his live set at the Riddim Collision Festival for Ad Noiseam’s 10 year anniversary.

Join us again next week when we’ll showcase music from Electroton and talk to Martin Weiss, the label’s founder.

See you then!

  1. Mobthrow “Iron Tribal”
  2. Mobthrow “Birds Fly Hig”
  3. Interview with Angelos Liaros of Mobthrow
  4. Mobthrow “Live at 10 Years Ad Noiseam, Riddim Collision Festival, Lyon, France”

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