solipsistic NATION No. 260: Electroton

ElectrotonOn today’s show we’re listening to select tracks from Electroton. We’ll also talk with the label’s founder, Martin Weiss.

I’ve only recently discovered Electroton and I’ve loved everything I’ve heard from Martin’s label. Electroton is one of those labels that tends to favor music that seamlessly blends noise with minimalistic beats. On the surface that’s no reason to get excited about the label but the trick that Electroton has managed to pull off is make noise and minimalistic beats warm and human. Something that you’d go out of your way to listen to.

I featured some tracks from Electroton back in June. Since that show I’ve been meaning to have Martin on the show to talk with us and share more music from his label. It took a couple of months so I’m happy to that our schedules finally worked out so that we could arrange some time to talk.

If you’re a regular listener to solipsistic NATION I also want to apologize for getting some of the shows out late the last two months. I appreciate your patience and I should be back on track in the next few weeks.

Some of the things you can expect from solipsistic NATION in the next few months is an interview with Geeta Dayal, the author of Brian Eno’s Another Green World; Martin Vera, who has assembled the Future Sounds of San Diego compilation album, and Lyle Owerko from The Boombox Project.

See you next week!

  1. kabutogani “CXEMA”
  2. bbcb “scrtyis_300or”
  3. Interview with Martin Weiss, founder of Electroton
  4. weiss “rephlex”
  5. ketem “A85400″
  6. poratz “at wu pu”
  7. v4w.enko “dsn”
  8. thorsten soltau “rezykla3″
  9. Interview with Martin Weiss, founder of Electroton
  10. weiss “01.rezykla”
  11. cernlab “02delay”
  12. incite “the other half”
  13. kabutogani “SIGINT”
  14. Interview with Martin Weiss, founder of Electroton
  15. v4w.enko “dsn”
  16. dagshenma “zaumi”

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