solipsistic NATION No. 262: Immigrant Breast Nest

Immigrant Breast NestToday on solipsistic NATION we’re going to select tracks from Immigrant Breast Nest, a wonderful netlabel that was founded to present NYC’s best in weird, mostly electronic, underground music.

Bit of background on today’s show.

Dan Abatemarco and fellow musician and partner in crime, David B. Applegate, are the agent provocateurs of Immigrant Brest Nest and they join us today to tell us more about their label.

I first met Dan back in 2010 when I was putting together a semgent about people who were making music with iPods, Iphones and iPads. Performing as Speak Onion he was creating some gnarly noise that shredded my eardrums. Anyone can make noise. Dan was making noise to make music. I was so impressed with Dans music that I later invited him to return to solipsistic NATION with a recording of his live set recorded at the Charleston in Brooklyn for Immigrant Breast Nest‘s record release party, and that’s when I first learned of his label. I was blown away with the diversity and the quality of the artists on their label that I knew it was just a matter of time before I would showcase Immigrant Breast Nest on solipsistic NATION.

Most of the tracks on today’s show can be downloaded absolutely for free by clicking on the links on today’s show notes below, but if you really like what you hear, why don’t you throw the artists a few scheckles. Show ‘em you appreciate what they do.

Join us again next week when we’ll hear music from King Deluxe and The Future Sounds of San Diego, and more!

  1. Thermometerometer “Angle of Ramps”
  2. Blind Moany Wat “Rotary Dozer” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  3. Interview with Dan Abatemarco and David B. Applegate of Immigrant Breast Nest
  4. seismologist “Chimp Necropsy (seismologist remix)” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  5. FluiD “Steve Sangre (FluiD remix)”
  6. David B. Applegate “Bone dice” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  7. Joy Through Noise “Krypton” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  8. Interview with Dan Abatemarco and David B. Applegate of Immigrant Breast Nest
  9. Speak Onion “Salt in the Symbols”
  10. Digit216 “Destroyed in the Tormented Lexicon of the Ancients (The Beast Shall Rise Malicimix)”
  11. Mysterious House “some stone and a museum of steam2″ [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  12. Xrin Arms “Kitty Kats” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  13. Speak Onion with Mercy Choir “Hunched Over Man” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  14. David Morneau “Exiles (Doomsday Mix)”
  15. Inconclusive Whale Autopsy “Doppler 5k” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  16. David B. Applegate “Bird mushroom meadow” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  17. Interview with Dan Abatemarco and David B. Applegate of Immigrant Breast Nest
  18. Thermometerometer “Arcane Arabic Soccer Magick”

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