solipsistic NATION No. 263: unMaker

unMakerI’m quite certain that the cold I’m suffering from is not, in fact, a cold. It’s something far more sinister and deadly. I’m convinced that I’ve contracted some alien contagion aloft some weird vector that will begin the zombie apocalypse beginning with me: patient zero!

Okay, it’s not that bad. I just wanted to add a bit of drama to today’s show. I am sick, though, so by necessity I’m going to be brief.

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been listening to the very excellent King Deluxe Presents: Year One compilation album. As the title implies the album is a celebration of King Deluxe’s first year as a label.

I usually wait until a label has been around a couple of years and had more releases under their belt before showcasing them on solipsistic NATION, but I thought it would be a shame not to turn you on to King Deluxe. That way you can say knew about them way back when when.

While King Deluxe is a collective it is effectively run by PK, the label’s founder, and he joins us today from his home in British Colombia.

Also joining us from San Diego is Miguel Vega, who is the founder of Dataset Clothing, which also happens to be a label that has just released the Future Sounds of San Diego compilation album. EshOne gave me the skinny on this album some months ago but even so I was still surprised to find that there were a lot of artists on the album I didn’t recognize. I’ve dissed San Diego in the past for not having much of an electronic music scene but can admit when I’m wrong and eat some crow.

Oh, and before I forget, Tweet me at solipsistic with the hashtag #dataset for your chance to win some Dataset schwag!

Okay, folks, I can feel my limbs stiffening as my body transforms in rigor mortis. Time to meet my unMaker!

Join us again next when we’ll wrap up 2011 and bring in the New Year.

Until then, for solipsistic NATION, I’m Bazooka Joe. Thanks for listening and happy holidays!

Photo Credit: © WILL?REFUSE

  1. Titus Twelve “The Great Escape” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  2. El Haijn “Out Of The Unknown (Cubism Black Remix)” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  3. Interview with PK, founder of King Deluxe
  4. I.D. “Aether (Subp Yao remix)”
  5. Beats Antique “Nesvalo Feat. Eva Salina”
  6. The Pad Foundation “Heart Beat”
  7. Xerxes “Xerxes”
  8. lodsb “Eve”
  9. 88:88 “Dub-Hop” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  10. Puppy Kicker “Something Swanky” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  11. Interview with Miguel Vega, founder of Dataset Clothing
  12. Misk “Snot Sonata” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  13. EshOne “Metals and Solids” [FREE DOWNLOAD]

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