solipsistic NATION No. 264: Pimmon & Landcrash, Live

Pimmon & Landcrash, LiveWelcome to 2012! According to a pop interpretation of the Mayan calendar we’re going to go face-to-face with the apocalypse that we’ve all secretly hoping would finally happen. If you believe that sort of thing.

Here at solipsistic NATION we’re going to kick off the new year the same way we kick off each month: a live performance from an electronic music. But instead of one performance, we’re going to hear two! One from Pimmon and one from Landcrash.

Both Pimmon and Landcrash appeared on the Soft edition solipsistic NATION back in December. That was a great show and Landcrash and Pimmon’s music really moved me. I asked if they’d be interested in coming on the show with some recorded live material. They both said yes and sent me their live sets, tout suite!

Paul Gough is Pimmon and he’s prepared a special in-studio live performance for us. Daniel Hopkins is Landcrash and we’ll hear his live set recorded at the White Star. Their music is both beautiful and utterly haunted.

Since they both explore the same sonic territory and are both on labels I really enjoy (12K and the Feedbackloop Label), I decided to feature their live sets on one show. It’s also the reason why I asked them similar questions and it was pretty interesting to hear how their sensibilities differed and converged.

Join us again next week when we’ll showcase music from Artoffact Records. Until then, bask in the music of Pimmon and Landcrash. That seems to be the best way to experience it.

  1. Pimmon “Yicco”
  2. Pimmon “Düülbludgers”
  3. Interview with Paul Gough of Pimmon
  4. Pimmon “Buttered on Both Sides, Live”
  5. Pimmon “Belmont Crackle, Live”
  6. Pimmon “Pockaloi, Live”
  7. Pimmon “Do the Torben Tilly, Live”
  8. Landcrash “Fencing panels that survive” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  9. Landcrash “Digital Wolves” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  10. Interview with Daniel Hopkins of Landcrash
  11. Hurra caine Landcrash “Do the Torben Tilly, Live at the White Star”

1:27:09 | 79.85 MB

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