solipsistic NATION No. 266: 88:88, Live

88:88, LiveIt’s the first weekend of the month, and that means a live set! It’s one of the things I got the most excited about every month. Recent shows have featured performances from everyone from Atari Teenage Riot to Zion Train.

Today on solipsistic NATION were going to hear a live in-studio performance from MSSNGDGTS (88:88). But first we’re going to hear select tracks from 88:88′s The Grey album, which you can download absolutely for free!

EJ Peter is 88:88 and it’s kind of cool how he came to be on today’s show.

I’ve been hard at work preparing future live sets for solipsistic NATION but I didn’t see the forest for the trees. The weekend was fast approaching and I had zip. So I did what I always do when I’m in a jam like that: I went on Twitter and asked if anyone had a live set they’d like to share on solipsistic NATION. And out of the blue, 88:88 came through. In fact, he’s recording his live set for us as I type these very words. That’s how fresh this show is! And it’s also a perfect example of how social media makes this show happen.

I actually played a track from EJ a few months ago when I was doing a segment on the Future Sounds of San Diego compilation album. There were a lot of great tracks on the album but 88:88′s “Dub-Hop” immediately caught my attention so it’s a nice bit of synchronicity that he’s on today’s show.

Join us again next week. I’ve got a big announcement about solipsistic NATION. We’ll also talk with You Shriek‘s Raziel Panic and Brian Botkiller about their music boxed sets and maybe review a killer app for your iPhone or iPad.

Until then, say hi to me on Twitter @solipsistic.

  1. 88:88 “Buried in America” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  2. 88:88 “All Day” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  3. 88:88 “Flycker” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  4. 88:88 “To Be A DJ” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  5. 88:88 “King Speech” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  6. 88:88 “Battling the Sun” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  7. 88:88 “Nostalgia” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  8. 88:88 “Good & Evil” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  9. Interview with 88:88
  10. 88:88 “Live, In-Studio”

1:27:09 | 60.66 MB

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