solipsistic NATION No. 267: Feedback Loop Label

Feedback Loop LabelBack in the day, if I heard and album I dug and wanted to find out what music label had released it I simply had to look at the CD or cassette or even an album cover. These days, despite the amazing advances in technology, it’s not so easy.

If I’m walking down the streets of San Diego, as I often do, listening to music on my iPhone and hear a track that I like I can quickly check out the name of the track and the artist but not which label released the album. But at least I have the names, right? I can Google that. But what a hassle!

But surely a minor inconvenience. Not so fast. Sadly, not all artists or labels tag their MP3s correctly, often omitting the name of the song or the artist or the name of the album. No what? Wait until I get home and play the track over my speakers so I can play it to my iPhone and see of Shazam knows what song it is.

I’ll grant you that it’s amazing I might be able to solve a mystery with my phone but it’s still ridiculous what I sometimes have to go through just to find out which label released which artists.

This is all a long winded way of explaining that if I hear something that I think is good, and good enough that it’s worth my time to jump through all those hoops to find out the which label is behind the release, then it’s something worth your while to listen to.

The Feedback Loop Label is such a label.

The Feedback Loop Label is a net label from Portugal and founded by Leonardo Rosado and from the label’s inception each release has been amazing. And each release found me thumbing through my phone, trying to find out which label was responsible for the beautiful music flowing into my ears. And it was always the Feedback Loop Label.

I’ve played a lot of music from the Feedback Loop Label and recently label artist Daniel Hopkins of Landcrash appeared on solipsistic NATION with a recording of his performance at the White Star. By that point it seemed ridiculous that I hadn’t showcased Feedback Loop on solipsistic NATION, so I emailed Leonardo to rectify the situation. He’s our guest on today’s show and he’s lovingly handpicked select tracks from his label for your enjoyment.

As I mentioned, Feedback Loop is a net label and as such, all their music on their catalogue is available as a free download. In fact you, can download nearly all the tracks heard on today’s show by clicking the links below. However, if you like what you hear, and I don’t see how you could possibly not, then support the artists and support the label. Feedback Loop does have physical releases that you can purchase and you can buy other releases from the artists as well. You can be a modern day Renaissance patron!

Join us again next week when we’ll talk with Bob Rogers from TaintRadio, we’ll also talk with Brian Botkiller and You Shriek and the folks from 6Wunderkinder, developers of Wunderkit.

See you then!

  1. Elisa Luu “Nuovi Giorni”
  2. I’ve Lost “The Big Empty” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  3. Interview with Leonardo Rosado, founder of the Feedback Loop Label
  4. Savaran “Delphic” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  5. Monolyth and Cobalt “Ground Z-ero” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  6. Luca Nasciuti “Ivory” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  7. Interview with Leonardo Rosado, founder of the Feedback Loop Label
  8. SIGHUP “City Distance” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  9. Le Berger “Under the Bridge (Not Downtown)” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  10. Marcus Fischer “Long Thin Arms” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  11. BGUDNA “Broken Goblin Trumpet” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  12. Landrecorder “Morning” [FREE DOWNLOAD]

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