solipsistic NATION No. 271: Futuresequence

FuturesequenceToday on solipsistic NATION we’re going to listen to select tracks from Futuresequence and talk with the labels founder, Michael Waring.

Futuresequence is based out of the UK and began as a blog but has slowly been mutating into a music label that explores the possibilities and boundaries of textures, patterns and sounds and, hopefully, pushes past those boundaries.

I’ve known about Futuresequence since their first Sequence compilation album. I recently read about the release of Sequence3 in Zite‘s electronic music section. After downloading all 41 tracks of the album and being blown away by each and every one, it was obvious that I had to feature Futuresequence on solipsistic NATION.

We’ll talk with Michael about his label and the music we’ll hear on today’s show. If you heard a track you liked on today’s mix you can always show your support by buying a track or two from the artists by clicking the links on today’s show notes.

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I’ll see you again next week when we’ll do it all over again! But completely different.

  1. Radere “I’ll Make You Quiet”
  2. Sun Hammer “A Dream In Blood”
  3. Interview with Michael Waring, founder of Futuresequence
  4. Widesky “_____ Is Also Movement”
  5. Zvuku “Untitled”
  6. Radere & A Setting Sun “VII”
  7. Radere “Good Evening, Ghosts”
  8. Interview with Michael Waring, founder of Futuresequence

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