solipsistic NATION No. 273: A Different Drum

A Differetn DrumI keep meaning to write up today’s show notes but instead I’ve got caught up in a discussion with friend of the show, _tlr_, about the movie, John Carter. Sorry, _tlr_, I have duties I must attend to!

Last week I failed to mention how much I’ve been blown away by Tympanik Audio‘s recent releases from the likes of Access To Arasaka, Known Rebel, C.Db.Sn and Tapage. Tympanik Audio always releases great stuff but they’ve really outdone themselves with this recent batch. Tapage in particular has shown a lot of growth and Overgrown is his best album yet. He has some how managed the trick of simultaneously being more restrained in his music and complex and dramatic.

Another label that’s batting them out of the park is Record Label Records. Record Label Records tends to release music that’s a bit more expierimental and that always runs the risk of falling flat. Record Label Records has always managed to find the good stuff, though, and with the recent releases of their Drinking the Goat’s Blood and the Cremation of Care compilation albums (and wAgAwAgA’s midnight sampler album, which I sadly was unable to play on today’s show) they’ve really brought their A game.

The Centrifuge has also been blowing up. Velapene Screen returns from his live appearance on solipsistic NATION with a track from his album, What If They Can’t Trust You? Lodsb also returns with a fantastic track and Myoptik makes his first appearance on the show.

Of course, there are other labels featured on today’s show but I wanted to focus on those three because each and every one of them has been releasing music so great that I have to pinch myself to convince myself that I’m not hallucinating it. Can music really be this good?!

A lot of the music heard on today’s show can be downloaded absolutely for free by clicking the links below but why not show your support for the artists by purchasing one or two of their tracks. Maybe one of their albums if you really liked what you heard.

If you want to support the show, that’s free too. Just tell your friends about the show or give us a rating or review on iTunes if you think solipsistic NATION is with listening to.

Let me sweeten the pot: join us again next week when the lads from Magicore return with yet another mind blowing mix of select tracks from their blog. That reminds me, I need to get back to my conversation with Magicore’s _tlr_ about what a turkey John Carter turned out to be.

Photo Credit: ©Tiger Pixel

  1. Somatic Responses “Panic Attack”
  2. Velapene Screen “Breaks The Habit” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  3. Tim Ballista “Thing Scape 1″
  4. Soulsonic “Osr” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  5. Tapage “Dresscode”
  6. Amon Tobin “Piece of Paper”
  7. Frank Riggio “Errance”
  8. Slugabed “Dragon Drums”
  9. Wisp “Ptolemy Sphere”
  10. Thee Source Ov Fawnation “Hello Black Diamond”
  11. Myoptik “Night Raidz” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  12. Lodsb “Neon” [FREE DOWNLOAD]

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