solipsistic NATION No. 276: ABAGA Records

Abaga RecordsToday’s label showcase features, by popular demand, ABAGA Records!

A few months back I asked friends of the show on Twitter which labels you thought I should feature on solipsistic NATION and ABAGA Records came up again and again. You demanded it, I listened!

When I launched solipsistic NATION I was uncompromising in my vision for the show. I wanted to feature the best of all genres of electronic music. Not everyone likes jumping from genre to genre of electronic music but the net is big. I knew that there were listeners out there. We just had to find each other. Six years and 276 shows later solipsistic NATION has found a global audience. And damn, the audience has amazing taste. Whenever I ask for suggestions for guest or labels to feature on the show I’m never disappointed and I’m constantly being introduced to new and exciting things. Today’s show is proof of that.

Today’s show is also a bit different because I haven’t heard the mix yet. Andrew, the label’s director, sent it to me and I literally just downloaded it. I have no more idea what to expect that you do, dear listener. Despite the time shifting with podcasts I am, for all intents and purposes, listening to today’s the same time as you. But you’ve never steered me wrong. I’m going to trust in your good taste.

ABAGA Records releases bass music, dubstep, jungle, d&b and other sub-heavy styles of music. Based in Edinburgh, the label provides a platform for artists to get their music heard, with both free and paid releases.

Join us again next week when our guest will be Nathan Phelan, host of The Electro Show.

See you then!

  1. Tactus “Red Tide (Unreleased)”
  2. DanieL Bazz “Ace”
  3. Interview with Andrew Rankine, director of ABAGA Records
  4. Tactus “Refueled”
  5. The Mighty Cornelius “The Black Meat (DanieL Bazz Remix)”
  6. The Setup “Grindstone”
  7. G.Davies “Crab Riddim”
  8. CIVIC “So Rough (Tactus Remix)”
  9. Tactus “Broken (Unreleased)”
  10. Tactus “Skittles (Unreleased)”
  11. Tactus “Litmus (Unreleased)”
  12. Tactus “Steam Cloud”
  13. Tactus “Rub-A-Dub Remix”
  14. Tactus “Home Guider”
  15. Tactus “Dancing Bruise (Unreleased)”
  16. Tactus & Spiral Soundsystem “Dancing Bruise (Unreleased)”
  17. Radikal Guru “Inilusion (Quektis Remix)”
  18. Interview with Andrew Rankine, director of ABAGA Records
  19. Tactus “Captain Cabinets Remix (Unreleased)”
  20. Tactus “Amputation Party”
  21. G.Davies “Young Hegelians”
  22. Project Midnight “Slam”
  23. TeKlo “Overdose”
  24. ODEA “Circuit”
  25. Jammin J “Perfect Score (Tactus Remix)”
  26. Tactus “Approach”
  27. Tactus “Flamjonkles”
  28. Tactus “Death Note (Unreleased)”
  29. Tactus “Radikhal (Unreleased)”
  30. Interview with Andrew Rankine, director of ABAGA Records
  31. Tactus “Detriment (Unreleased)”
  32. Profisee “Hold Up (Tactus Remix)”
  33. Denney “Make It Funk”
  34. Tactus & MAKO “Come Again”
  35. Denney “Spiritual Contact”
  36. Jammin J “Something Special”

1:04:06 | 58.70 MB

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